Life’s Endless

My Guiding Light1
The wind has stories to tell
she speaks in so many ways

she comes in whispers meant
for my ears alone.

Sometimes she comes
with such a mighty roar
she can be heard for

life is such
a maze of

Gnarled fingers run
through fine thin hair
how wonderful the rush now
As sun warms skin
waves beneath
have shifted ice above
so urgent the desire to
flowing once again.

this heart yearns to free itself
from winter’s cold, slow dying

after all

winter is only one season of
Life’s Endless.

© Daydreamer      *All rights reserved

It Does

A solitary note hangs in
steamy stillness
suspended there in silence
Waiting to find
its rightful place
in time.

still so lost
and destiny’s path holds
a neon lighted sign
to my desolation.

Strange how clouds
took on the shape they did
Held me up with
a strength I lacked
reminding, that I too
am held in
arms of the Angels.

Neither here nor there
reaching out and touching you
made the most beautiful
connection and,
united in a common bond
saved me.

Always remembering
earth to earth
ashes to ashes
dust to dust

And, somewhere out there
is a loving flame that
burns eternally

just because
it does.

© Daydreamer          *All rights reserved


Yesterday there was no warmth
from the sun

It hung in the sky
with my mood.

But heart’s still roar
with flames
a courage, unheard

Yes, love is brave.

In the vast expanse
of never-ending
across silent airwaves
there is everything
and nothing
feelings surround
Permeate thoughts as
sponge absorbs liquid
to its hidden depths.

Her words fell
in warm rain
(I remember)
as tingles to waken
cold skin.

And now,
morning comes in blinking
with no apology
for yesterday
and I hear myself say
once again
‘Oh, yes’
to her insipid
flirtatious beams.


© Daydreamertoo       *All rights reserved

Shared with Poets United Think Tank #83 ‘Yes’

Eternal Symphony

A slow motion glance
held me


Eyes that spoke a million words
yet lips that spake, not one.

Love does not cease
when one ceases to be.

Passion still stokes the poets fire
and heat, rising
licks a lovers flame
where nasty thoughts
are banished
across the deserts barren

We can always rise above it all
on hopes new wings
and breathe through nights
starry silent
gliding gently into the
dreams of day.


in love there is never a goodbye
in showers of wide open blessings
love is an eternal symphony.


© Daydreamer Too *All rights reserved

Shared at Three Word Wednesday
And Poets United Poetry Pantry #56

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Freedom Sky

This song has always inspired me to write of the freedom and majesty of an Eagle in flight and, it is the inspiration for the following prose.
I also created the video.



On a day like no other
she opened sleepy eyes
to the hush of all around

there was nothing moving
not even,
silent sound.

A breath of the universe fell
so light from space
to touch with such a softness
the cheek of her up-turned face.

Dawn’s sun kissed distant tree-tops
with the wink of a lazy eye
and there she stood on the
tallest perch, over-looking
earth and sky.

She fluffed
She stretched
She preened herself and gleamed

Lifting feathers to a gentle breeze
she teased them away from wings
that she unfolded very slowly to
ease herself awake
preparing for the journey
she was about to make.

Caught between two worlds
of darkness and of light

To her left, were moon-lit meadows
still held in Lunar’s trance
swaying in intimate movement
of a lover’s sensual dance.

To her right, translucent sunbeams
warmed her naked skin
feathers raised and readied
she welcomed heat to reach those depths within
where memories of a thousand moons
are recalled in mystic dreams
and nothing is impossible
sing the songs of distant streams.

With one long last knowing gaze
she surveyed all that she could see
and with only a leap of faith
she opened majestic wings out wide
and caught a favoured breeze
thereupon, to glide.


Up, up and away she soared
to the freedom of her skies.


© Daydreamer Too

I love being able to let my thoughts just…fly….
Ever since I was a young child, I’ve always dreamed I could fly and know instinctively how it would really feel if I could….who knows, maybe my spirit did…in a past life.
(I guess) We are all as free as we allow our minds to be.

Shared with Poetry Pot Luck, Inspired by a song