Life Force


Like me.

The river lives and breathes
again, free of winters freeze.
It’s steady rhythm, the
beating of a heart in
time with mine.


moving me along in its
harmony of song.

Rise and fall with the tide.
I too fall and rise, for
the river runs as deep
as the deepest
parts of me

Sets my soul free to
come and go as it glides
in that timeless
liquid flow.

It sees me aim as high as
I can fly on peaceful wings
beneath a moonlit sky as
our dear Lady Luna presents
a host of diamonds in
dazzling display to
shimmer across the river

My mood.

True jewels of the night
which gleam for my delight
or anyone who cares to
share the dream.


The river once again
runs free


its life force
flows in


©Daydreamer   *All rights reserved


In the driveway either side of the car was ice
but it was one small step from it to a snow bank
and safety.

Carefully stepped out onto the ice
turned slightly to shut the door
and before I knew it one foot
slid beneath the other and down I went.

Tried to stand
thought it was a bad sprain
bummed it backwards up the snow bank
minus 14o temps.

Thankfully we had a downstairs half bathroom
I (didn’t) sleep on the couch all night
for the pain.
Next day there was an angry red rash
creeping up my shin so a friend took
me to the local ER.

“You need to go to town dear.”
The doctor said and gave me a shot of morphine.
“However did you handle all that pain?”
(Women do, when they are convinced it’s not that bad)

Had to go by ambulance to another hospital
where the surgeon told me I’d broken
tib and fib and it was the worst type of break
I could do right across the ankle. Needed an
op and then permanent metal plate and screws
to hold it all together.

I dread winter’s arrival
because to get anywhere here for at least
four whole months most of it is walked
on ice.

People ask how on earth I didn’t know
it was broken.
Didn’t I hear it crack?

I didn’t hear a snap but now
fear it happening again from the moment
the snow arrives until it leaves again
at the end of April

No, I didn’t hear the crack
but every step I take in winter re-live
over and over the sickening moment
that it happened
feel sick to my stomach
with fear.


© Daydreamertoo                *All rights reserved

*That’s not my ankle but, it shows where I did the breaks. I had about 6 staples going up the inside ankle bone and about 12 on the outside. Was in 4 different casts because it took longer to heal and was in a wheelchair for over 4 months. Took a full six months before I could walk with two canes. I’m so thankful though that I could walk at all.  Even though I use steel grippers on the bottom of my boots sometimes they fail to ‘grip’ … I’m really not a coward but, my stomach does somersaults through fearing falling and breaking anymore bones now.
If I’m (mom’s) out of action, most everything grinds to a halt here…lol
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Selling ice

I did not have sex with that woman, or that one, or that one or that one.
No wait, that wasn’t Bill Clinton, that was Herman Cain.
Not American, I’m neutral when it comes to USA politics but, watching
Bill Clinton’s passionate speech the other night, am convinced he could sell ice to the Eskimos


The other night I was so impressed with Bill Clinton’s impassioned speech. I could see why he was elected twice and thought his speech excellent in both what he had to say, his passion and obvious sense of humour. He certainly does still have a lot of charisma.

G-Man’s Friday Flash 55


We can take it all in
(the cosmic aura)
absorb its magic
through our eyes
our skin, our breath

it’s all there

Those shimmering drops
of crystal ice
too cold to touch
yet, still somehow
as it resonates with our
own soul music.

Spend all your time waiting
for that second chance
when all of life is about
taking chance after chance
to forge our own path and
write our own story in the
book of life.

So hard to stand upon an
edge of the unknown with
all senses urging caution
and yet
if we break through that fear
and try free-falling

we reach the catalyst

The: ‘what if…’

we learn to listen to
our hearts
we may just discover
love has wings.


© Daydreamertoo              *All rights reserved

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone 🙂

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The Perfect Storm

The message hits home
loud and clear
through words that jolt
this landscape’s stark

A pendulum swings
(though time is a constant
it isn’t always given)
and truths sharp edge
cuts through an ice cold
silence with a surge of
of certain pain to
aching bones.

What’s never been found
cannot be lost
and feelings whipped up
in winter winds may
sleep ’til spring reaches
in to detach their
grip of ice, with a
gentle easing, so
we can begin again.

Maybe we must simply
wipe away those liquid dreams
from clouding our eyes
and just ride out this, the
perfect storm


© Daydreamertoo       *All rights reserved

Just some thoughts on the winter snow storm we’re having right now and how we each deal so differently with our emotions.

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Occupy Antarctica

With anguish as befits any mother
she cried out to her new born
pushing them gently with quick flick
of a flipper until they were safe…
tucked beneath her belly
perched upon her feet.

The light from the sky orb
burned a brighter flame
although the snow was
permeable, it couldn’t
penetrate their thickness of
feather over blubber.

Each felt the shocks as
the earth seemed to move
once and, then again.

Fresh snow fell across
her field of vision as each
came to take their place
on this frozen waste.

This frigid land of God given serenity.

This land was theirs
they had always occupied it
for starters and, what’s more
always would be.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

A lot going on, couldn’t think of anything to link the words to this week but for some reason, this stuck in my mind, so, out it had to come. LOL
With the new explorations going on at the poles searching for more resources to drill for and exploit, I’ve often wondered that…if animals could speak our language, if they would ever say they were ashamed of us and of the disgusting ways in which we have never ceased to exploit and destroy this beautiful planet and hence, cause millions of animal and plant species to become extinct. we forget that, man too is a species, can and probably will, become extinct.

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The Cove part 1

It was ‘our’ cove. We walked it every day. The cliffs fascinated us. We saw Native American faces in them. Our Yorkie grew up with a young adventurer. Like herself, he too knew no fear. I was happy knowing they were both safe. Here, they could come to no harm. If he wasn’t doing his own ‘thing’ he’d follow me or Chloe. One day behind me she shouted” Hey Bren look how high I am!” She’d climbed about 15 feet up and was hanging off a cliff but my heart nearly stopped, Timmy was even higher at around 20 feet…

Only allowed to use 100 words sooo as it’s a cliff hanger is is…to be continued… on next weeks Saturday Centus


We all loved the cove. It’s a stretch of water called Northumberland Strait that runs between (our) Prince Edward Island and the province of Nova Scotia. We called it our ‘beach walk’ and, because other people only really went there during the summer tourist season, we usually had it all to ourselves. It is wild, not maintained at all by local authority. After tides, we used to collect beach glass there and other interesting things. I found it all so fascinating. To find bits of coloured glass on the beach that was all laying there glinting and sparkling like jewels.
Chloe, Tim (the dog) and I would spend hours there. We’d find, green, white, brown, and transparent pieces of glass but, the best ‘treasure’ to us was finding rarer red, yellow and, the rarest of all,  blue. Apparently the glass arrived there from having been tossed over the side from old ships or sail boats using the Strait.

We went there every single day, even on sunny days in March or April when it was all still frozen over and the track we drove down to get there was under a foot or more of hard packed snow. We would still try to get there. The only time we couldn’t was when the track was so deep in snow we would get stuck in it and have no way of getting back up to the road again.
Timmy loved being there as much as we did. He thought of it as an extension of our home. We were the only people ‘allowed’ to be there. For being only ten pounds he really is fearless. When the tide was out he’d climb all over the rocks and jump across pools of water to get further out. There was a Blue Heron resting on a rock once and he went so far out to try and get to it. If he’d missed jumping rock to rock and fell into a pool, the water would’ve been pretty deep for him
Such a boy!

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Crystal Serenade

When the house is silent
save those hearts which beat
inside its old walls
and give it life

would you know
a ray of hope flickers in the sky
has it been too long since
you dared to dream?

I see a sea of stars
across the universe and
question puzzles there
all waiting, to be solved
Here, amid the Arctic freeze
now with fresh white snow
to reflect upon

I’m dazzled by its light of
pure unbound beauty
while songs of winter lure me into
their crystal serenade.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

I love hearing ice outside crackle. It almost sings as the sunlight begins at first, to warm it and it starts to move, before it melts.
Yes, we had a White Christmas  :)…. enough snow then to have to shovel, yesterday.

P.S. Although I love to see fresh snowfall I do not like to shovel it, nor (as I badly broke both tib & fib across on my ankle on ice in Jan 2007 and have a metal plate & screws to hold it all together) I like seeing ice through the window but due to that break and nearly 6 months before I could walk properly, am scared to death now to walk on it.

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Kick of Life

I turn away from a cold kiss
which clasps each breath as
winter’s dying bequeaths.

From a distance
vow never to let you go
yield your secrets through
a depth of pain and
understanding only you
could know.

In alliance with other seasons
all melting into you from
fields of iced tears and of
heavy hearts

In this frozen purity
and longest sleep of the just
from introspective yearnings
knowing this mood soon will pass and
spring will bring back that
new-born kick of life again.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

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