A voice that was music to my ears.
she sang songs when she spoke all
through the day until dusk
I never tired of her tunes.

Skin hung over bones whose
marrow had long since given
up the ghost
Forgotten how to live
and yet,
her story wasn’t ended.

The sight of her was staggering
yet love saw past the dying.

Blood, diseased through
past addiction
She had been broken beyond the
limits of falling
(more half-dead than)
alive on streets which held
no shame for a person dying to
drown their sorrows
just for today, if not tomorrow.

destiny is such a strange bed-mate
and won’t let us go until we’ve
fulfilled each task it sets.


© Daydreamertoo               *All rights reserved

Shared with Brenda W  prompt at The Sunday Whirl #51 (Do please join in, it’s a lot of fun)
This is in response to the Wordle words.  (I think) they tended to be a bit sad(ish) this week.  Marrow, Staggering, Destiny, Story, Blood, Mate, Broken, addiction, Buried, Songs, Dusk, Sorrows.

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Beautiful woman, why so sad?
Is life so bad that you’d curl into a ball?
Petals fall through the air in minuscule pieces
sending sweetest fragrance to fill my
senses and, I am sensitive to
those tears you hide.

No, they are not trivial.

You make me want to cry
as I pick up these petals of
your heart and hold them
to my own for,
I too have known
such longing.
In naked truth sometimes we
find answers to questions
we ought never to have asked.


Beautiful woman
I can sit and stare at your
splendid isolation or reach
out to soothe the loneliness
I too must bear.
Time will ease the ache as
memory fades all colour
from those fallen petals.


Look into my eyes and trust that
hope will rise with just one step
into life’s new spring.

Let go the deviant stems.

The pain will end
and you and I will see that
roses bloom again.


© Daydreamertoo         *All rights reserved

My thoughts on the picture.

Shared with Three word Wednesday CCLX11 Minuscule,Deviant,Trivial
With real Toads Triptych: Poetry In Three Parts

Night and Day

The day begins.
I cast off yesterday as
morning graces us with
a charming presence
(almost angelic)
as she pathes the way
to begin again

I foster no harm in
thought or deed
but time itself may
yet bring about ruin
on its own

There’s lightness to be
had in shedding.
Letting go of wounds
too close to the heart
which see us bleed.

Even in winter’s ice-cold grip
buds on the bough are there
waiting to awaken in that
warming by the fire.

Focused on what is
even in a dance of sorrows
there is beauty in all things

Even as the day will yield
there are still shades of beauty
as tired eyes accustomise
to shimmering scenes in moonlight
and we welcome the coming of


© Daydreamertoo     *All rights reserved

Shared with Three Word Wednesday #CCLlX
Poets United Pantry #87

Breath of Life

A door opens
(or, does it close)
Curtains sway upon an
ice-cold breeze
teasing thoughts to
see-through lace
lightening flashes and
thunder crashes
or, was that heart’s
beating out of time.

Love has its own vibration
the deeper we fall the
higher we go
its flames reflect upon
the living stream
with tears and sighs to
heal its hurts
and hold us close
in its sea
without the drowning.

A tender kiss to forehead
smiling eyes
re-light the dying embers
and lines without hope
suddenly surprise us
with a new
breath of life.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

Shared with dVersePoets OpenLinkNight #29

Perfectly Loved

Here I am
(see me?)

Morning dew sits on the sharpest
of blades proving cuts don’t always bleed
as they share pearls from heaven
in their offering.

Petals have fallen into the long sleep
where I too, still keep that slip of hope alive.

Sometimes fragile

but standing and ready to
move into another new day
suddenly catch myself remembering
sweet breath which fell on my cheek
from the lightest kiss


still holding the essence
as breath and memory merge

In the pause of one heart beat
you show me
what it is to be so
perfectly loved.


© Daydreamertoo      *All rights reserved

Shared with Thursday think Tank #76 ‘Soul whispers’
Theme Thursday ‘Inside’



A hand … reaches
Pandora’s last hope, in open palm.

It’s all about love and peace,
she taught and, teaches still
tho’ her stone is mute, cold.

her thoughts are there in the ether now
in up and downward spirals.
On repeated prayers and gasp of air
which leave and then fan outward.
Become yet more ethereal strings as
butterfly wings which set
leaves on the bough to tremble
from anticipated thrill
and then traverse through living veins
sending welcome shivers to the brain
from that translucent touch.

Eyes are windows to the soul
I saw yours in those pools
can I forgive, again.
Would I have enough right stuff to become
another viable tower of strength
when I’m so tired of it all.

If I am love…

Somewhere deep within
(where I store my book of days)
through the endless nights
One day I may write
that yes, I forgave you
on a silent, Autumn breeze.


© Daydreamertoo  *All rights reserved

Some thoughts on how Mother Teresa helped influence our world
and some other thoughts wanting to be said. 
It is not about being submissive nor, weak.

 Shared with Three Word Wednesday CCL1V
Poetry Pantry #62

Cosmic Love


I miss you
in those quiet spaces
(you know)
that pause we take before
breathing in the hint of
un-expected hope with a gasp
…suddenly, aware.

There’s a touch of magic
in the air.

Do you feel it?

(I know you do)

Thunder rolls along the
horizon of my distant dreams
but, with the option of free will
indecision is forgotten.
The noise is there simply
to remind
I am alive
and so too, are they.

Still, a wild untamed sea
emotions swim so deep in me.

Bitter-sweet and salt
the tears
over this white knuckle
roller coaster ride of life
where fate bids me stand
on the edge of destinys
secret well of longing

all senses can feel

Maybe the last chance
for romance will lie in

Cosmic Love.


 © Daydreamer Too    *All rights reserved

I believe it’s when we stop looking for love, that love, finds us.
Shared with 3 word Wednesday indecision, option, fate
Poets United Poetry Pantry #57

Eternal Symphony

A slow motion glance
held me


Eyes that spoke a million words
yet lips that spake, not one.

Love does not cease
when one ceases to be.

Passion still stokes the poets fire
and heat, rising
licks a lovers flame
where nasty thoughts
are banished
across the deserts barren

We can always rise above it all
on hopes new wings
and breathe through nights
starry silent
gliding gently into the
dreams of day.


in love there is never a goodbye
in showers of wide open blessings
love is an eternal symphony.


© Daydreamer Too *All rights reserved

Shared at Three Word Wednesday
And Poets United Poetry Pantry #56

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The Tie That Binds



I hear your call
all around the lonely hills.
A harmony of natures sounds
soothes the reverie.
Sing your song of joy
like lovers do
through early morning mist
rising up to greet my
brand new day.
Whisper to me in
long swaying grass
as I clasp you to my breast
watch the waves dance
and weep for the beauty of 
their untamed rolling thunder.
Jubilant in my jeweled nights
I’ll leave tears to the Heavens
Remember in a cascading
rain of light how your fragrance lingered
entranced and captured my thoughts
in a shower of petals that yield
to nought, but love.
I surrender all will to the
eternal tie that binds.
© Daydreamer Too           *All Rights reserved

And love just IS… Simply, Love.


Sweet Embrace


A symphony plays.
The pianist loves the keys he strokes
and I in turn, welcome the moment
to succumb

…to simply just

Close weary eyes
against chaotic day
but thoughts still stray
and I miss, miss, miss
sharing the rain
it helps to soothe the longing.

How deeply we have to hurt.

To cut and then
to bleed upon the sharpest blade
before we reach that depth of
understanding that it isn’t ever
about who did what or, why.

It’s all about forgiving.

For the gift is in the pain
that we may learn to truly love.

How can pain be blue
I so love the blue
for it frees the ache in me.
The sky
these, are my souls sanctuary.

Softly now thoughts stray
alone, in liquid light
the music has worked its magic again
and I yield lucid thought once more
to the sweet embrace of night.



©Daydreamer Too        *All rights reserved


*Authors note:    When I write, I can go through a whole mixed bag of emotions and, whatever I write isn’t necessarily how I feel at the time I publish it here. In other words, I’m not always sad 🙂 
We creative minds usually run the gauntlet on emotions several times a day….up and down….LOL
It’s usually how and where we get all the words to pour forth.

Shared at: Poets United Poetry Pantry #53

Time Sighs


drops through time’s hour glass
with the ease that I cannot.

Slipping through my fingers
trying not to waste another minute





I sigh

Time Sighs



© Daydreamer_Too *All rights reserved


Shared at: Carry on Tuesday (Slipping through my fingers)

Sleeping in my Dreams


Half awake and half in dreams
snug in nightshade’s mystic sheer
a stream of thought swims
through veins


Bells toll a long way south of here
so far away


…One heartbeat near.

A familiar voice appears
enters, as I take in air
and hold it deep
whispering of doors and windows
opened wide, where I may gaze
upon the ethereal
…the universal light.

Such gentleness pours forth
a certain power of love and grace
overwhelms, travels
to the deepest well I know
The well inside of me
that place my soul calls home.

Surrounded in its warmth
like fossil is in stone
I can see it all
An eternity of stars
within the blink of an eye
Luminous, enlightening

And dream a dream of angels
with us, here in the
still point of the present
as we live our dance of life
moment by blessed moment

But then I breathe again


and wonder…

Maybe you were only
there, simply

Sleeping in my dreams.


© Daydreamer Too    *All rights reserved


I’ve always been a daydreamer/deep thinker but, there is so much more to we humans, to the workings of our minds, that we only just touch the surface of and, because of lost ancient knowledge, that we may never even know.  Through my long journey through grief I had to learn to go deep within. To meditate and find the calmness that was eluding me and, find the answers to an all consuming rage that overwhemled me at times, the likes of which I had never experienced before.
But, I learned that, instead of seeking answers from the world, if we can go deep enough, we have most of them, within us. Many of us, just don’t ‘still’ ourselves and then wake up spiritually enough to know it.
A hospital pastor who ministered to Cathie during her long months of care and who chatted with me many times about religion, my beliefs and such, when she was back for many of her trips to the ICU once said to me: “I can see that God has blessed you with great wisdom and grace” and, I was deeply touched by his comment.
I still miss Cathie very much, but, I count myself lucky to have shared her love, to have been loved unconditionally by her because in turn, it freed me to love without holding a little part of myself back in case of being hurt. I count myself blessed to even just touch the surface of what helps to make us ‘tick’ in this world and in this universal connected-ness of the Prime Creator light of pure energy-love.
I learned that it is only when we surrender all will, all want and need that we finally begin to open ourselves to understanding unconditional love  and…I do know that I will never know all there is to know, our whole lives spent here are the love-lessons….and the more we seek, the more we find the answers and the next step is…. to continue on this journey to self. Sometimes we are the student, sometimes we are the teacher.


Shared at: Poets United Poery Pantry #53
and…. One single Impression Poetry #172 Miss (Long for)
Shared at: Sunday Scribblings #247 ‘The next step’ and
Shared at: Carry on Tuesday #109

The Oracle



I used to beware of thoughts
that come in the night
she speaks to me through whisps of clouds
that wander where they wish
across my sky of thought
somewhere in time.

An oracle who knows the
heart and soul of a poet
swayed in moonlight’s dance
over the waters sublime.

Her unerring eyes see through
the guise I wear, painted as a smile
and, she threads the needle that
contains all the strands
of my naked healing.

She knows that sometimes
I am the fallen
yet, for all my sins
still wishes to see me rise.

She imparts her wisdom
then bids me leave to find my way
having shown me the last secret
is one held in spirit
as I quietly walk my path of
rainbow light.



© Daydreamer Too   *All rights reserved

Shared at 50th Poet’s Pantry-Poets United

Shared at One Shot Wednesday #week49

Shared at: Carry on Tuesday #108



In an elegant ritual
worthy of love
you warmed me
through the longest of winter chills.

Breathed me in with a
single breath that was true.
Held me there
in the depths of your soul


In the absence of shadows
I found my sanctuary
lay within your light.

So bright,
so right,
so true,

Leaving me
so free

So perfect,
in my imperfect harmony

Your light was all that you are
and, all I can ever hope to be.


© Daydreamer Too    *All rights reserved

Shared at One Shot Wednesday # 48 and also at
Thursday Poets Rally Week 45

Drip Drop

I Love to walk in a soft rain. Love water, the sea, a river any water. Love it’s power of movement and magic of its sounds.


Pitter patter
Pitter Patter
it falls
in drip, drip drops of
warm, wet and wonderful
envelops and then, saturates
…Silencing the pain.

For a moment
time stands still for love
refusing to stay even for that cause
the feeling’s gone
as swiftly as it came.

You, were the fires passion.
That heat of smouldering flame
Now in its afterglow
shadows fall over longing
memories remain.

Solace comes with sleep
until an univited vision-guest
requires the dream shall spring to life
in another heros place in time.

Pitter patter,
Pitter patter
and, the beat goes on
eyelids flutter to
the music of their notes
in a-splattering of rhythmic


© Daydreamer Too  All rights reserved