heart_on_fire_wallpaper__yvt2O heart
where is that
fearless streak
which saw you tremble
yet still
stand your ground

With the last breath
you vowed
‘no surrender’
to faint lines
or lies.

Life hangs in
precarious balance of
here or there
of which, I am

Words seek play
across the page and
I yield their caress
to the dance, aware
that I may never speak
yet, feel so deep.

O heart
you are always so true
to your loves.


©Daydreamer *All rights reserved


1574r-21604In my dreams I can fly.
In my dreams I’m in the sky.
I don’t need any magician things
for in my dreams
I’m given wings.

Daydreams see me wide awake
…yet dreaming

Sleeping in my memories.

I am the spirit having flown
who loves the feel of flight
and delights in being
as light as the air upon
which I breathe
…and soar.

Who could ask for more
as I preen and smooth these
wings of love
loving every single moment

…that, caress of
feathered down in
my beak as I lift
and tease

sift them into perfect place.
then, satisfied

open them wide

Take off, finding instant
peace and freedom as I
soar up high above the
clouds of my discontent
then, settle down to glide
up there in the wide
blue yonder.

Still wonder why I love it?

Come with me

find freedom in
that sky

Close your eyes



©Daydreamer      *All rights reserved

The Living Chain

imageIn you, there is
no sin.

You are as much a part
of this universe as I.

Do not weep at your
falling precious ones.
Your beauty will never
be lost, as lovers weep
their heartfelt tears
they water you in
drops of eternal

Men tell tales that
sing praises of the
powers you hold, as
women swoon at the
sight of your beauty
to behold.

Such delicate little
but yet…
So important in lifes
living chain


If you had never existed
the future would be
forever changed.


© Daydreamer. *All rights reserved


imagesStrands of light
under a door
slips of hope
stream through in rays

sleek, silent
teardrops from the sun.

Would you give your life
like a hero
to save hers



Poets and warriors
to risk it all

for a look
a smile
a touch

which brings them in
from the wilderness
or, from being buried
deep among the ruins

of living life
without passion.


©Daydreamer *All rights reserved

This Moment

Golden SandsTurn away
but you’ll still have
all you need to look
life in the eye.

No matter how sad
no matter the sorrow

Faith will always
see me believe
it was enough
to know


breathe aloud to
cover the long silence


this moment
fallen out of time.


©Daydreamer    *All rights reserved

Life Force


Like me.

The river lives and breathes
again, free of winters freeze.
It’s steady rhythm, the
beating of a heart in
time with mine.


moving me along in its
harmony of song.

Rise and fall with the tide.
I too fall and rise, for
the river runs as deep
as the deepest
parts of me

Sets my soul free to
come and go as it glides
in that timeless
liquid flow.

It sees me aim as high as
I can fly on peaceful wings
beneath a moonlit sky as
our dear Lady Luna presents
a host of diamonds in
dazzling display to
shimmer across the river

My mood.

True jewels of the night
which gleam for my delight
or anyone who cares to
share the dream.


The river once again
runs free


its life force
flows in


©Daydreamer   *All rights reserved

The way of love

stepsWords flow
in never ending stream
and music plays.

The silent scream
forgotten now
as time eases pain
’til only breath

Wind whistles a symphony
casting perfect shadows
on the darkest bend.

There is only one way

emptiness fed on a
slip of hope
light as the feather I caught
in its moment of fall

I breathe in a wish
where a promise of forever
touched my soul
with magic and mystery

There is only one way
(you said)

The way of Love


©Daydreamer *All rights reserved

Life’s Prize


Rain, rain, rain
falling on my mood

hits the roof
I sit in
filling me with…


Is that hope I see
on the other side
shifting the misery
and gloom.

A loan gull floats
upon wild waves
amid white horses
galloping a pace

the water too
as restless
tosses, rolls
releases him once
again to swim.

I shiver like
the tree limbs do
still awaiting the cloaks
to hide their naked
winter sleep.

and I…

I hold this time within
and count it as
life’s prize.


©Daydreamer *All rights reserved


music_note_and_people_vector_550932It’s all lines
laughter lines
life lines



where would I be
without those notes
of sanity.

They’re all Greek to me


make such a beautiful

A semi quaver
treble clef

A note
suspended momentarily
and I shiver from the
silence in between.

Passion stirs in the pauses
which rise and fall.

I swim with its flow
realising I cannot read but,
can clearly hear the sounds of
ecstasy and love
you share in every line.

© Daydreamer                   *All rights reserved



People pass
enjoy blue sky

soft, sensual

my soul still weeps
for you, for me
for history


Time can’t erase
the promise of

Birds take to flight


like my hands upon your skin
set yours to shivering.

The veil into beyond


allows light to seep within
seeking the darkest corners
where you hid
among my suffering


You gave such gifts
and never truly knew
grief too, is one


Without the dark
we’d have no need of light


       © Daydreamer         *All rights reserved


Ocean loveA soft breeze gently lifts my hair
sparkles on the water now increase
after winters dying.

I play a lovers theme



Let go within the
steady flow of notes amid

A harmony of mood which
(until now)
had been all too evasive.

The last battle
nearly bought about my undoing


Your spirit moved me
into no surrender.

There was a momentary madness
a necessary sadness

Yet through pain
comes wisdom

I endured the fire



©Daydreamer        *All rights reserved

Before and After

© http://wwwsueann.blogspot.ca/

After the bombs
after the rockets
have hit their targets left their load
everything in and it around

The sky is now the roof
walls are barriers, no more
Bullets have torn up
wallpapered dreams
but life clings to
burned branches
determined not to fail
in will to try again


laughter follows tears
rainbows follow rain.


© Daydreamertoo      *All rights reserved

* With muted sound I had the TV on this afternoon and there was a documentary on the History channel called World War 2 in HD (High Definition) I guess seeing the footage of destruction, death, severely wounded people all in graphic colour, and then seeing this picture triggered the thought process. And yet, the colours in the photograph also seems to inspire hope among the ruins of such destruction too (to me)

Shared with dVersePoets Poetics: Through the Artist’s Lens. Featuring the photography and art work of blogger SueAnn

The Sign

Google images

I woke to face another gloomy day
waited for sunrise to set the clouds on fire
A bird squawked its solitary call
as if joining me in this reverie.

Despite such wretchedness of mood
my mind insists on embracing the unexpected
as the day gets underway.

Driving to the store all too soon
another gray gloom descended
and rain played a symphony
with wipers on the screen.

Talking to you
(weeping with the rain)
to no-one
to anyone in the ether
who would hear

in desperation
I said aloud:
‘Send me a sign so I know
I’m not alone
Not talking to thin air.”

No sooner had the words
left my lips
right ahead appeared
a sign

In the midst of the dark
despondency and gloom

You sent a rainbow.

© Daydreamertoo      *All rights reserved

*This happened a few weeks after my later partner had passed away.

Shared with dVerse Poets Poetics: The Unexpected

The Butterfly

Midway in life’s journey
somewhere between its light and shadow
we may object or, welcome
Heaven’s coming down
to remind us earthbound
the inevitability of
its cosmic truths

Sheer bloody-minded will urged
her to conquer any fear
to embrace life for what it is
neglect the ‘what if’s’

in a language of her own
and, fragment of ancient memory
through a string of unheard whispers
she reaches through the weathered despair
to connect

With the hope she’ll make contact
before the daring human
slips and falls.


© Daydreamertoo       *All rights reserved

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Carry on Tuesday #150 Midway in life’s journey
Poets United Vice Versa #13 Object/Welcome, Despair/Hope, Embrace/Neglect


I have these visions

Visions of loveliness.

A peaceful walk
in soft fall rain

(Yes, they soon will come again)

‘Til then,
I yield all that I am
into silent wonder
creating words from a soul
that still reaches for
…the reason

I trust

and even raw, laid bare
see visions of loveliness.

The air I breathed today

So clear
So fresh
So clean


The sand where no other footsteps have
fallen today…bar mine.

Yes, I see visions of loveliness
In glass I’ve gathered from the giving sea
and keep or send to delight others
friends, who share my path

Feel its sensual smoothness
in shapes that heighten pleasure
with rainbows added to
further delight senses
with these, nature’s gifts

Can I…

Will I…

a future life
from all of this.

We live on our own
little piece of Heaven
here on Earth

Where magic happens
if you have the will to surrender

Simply let life flow and, follow
where it leads.

In a world of love
I’m surrounded


See visions of loveliness
which I feel such a need

…to share.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

Before we (a much younger Chloe, Timmy-the-dog and, I) moved into town, we used to collect beach glass on our daily walks. Finding blue was rare and became the prized treasure. “Found a bit of blu hoooo” became our favourite shout while walking the beach. lol
I began to make jewelry from it. Those in the picture are some of the early attempts at wire-wrapping and such. But, we have jars and jars of it and when the sun shines on and through them, we see rainbows everywhere. Creating some magic from, what is essentially, someone else’s garbage from (thrown overboard from all the old sail ships from the 17-1800’s passing through the Northumberland Strait.

Shared with dVerse Poets OpenLinkNight #54