There’s a moment when I look at you
and no speech is left in me..

tho’ the surface is calm
‘neath its smooth sheen
hairs rise
refusing to sleep atop
a volcano, awakened
from the fire within.

There is nothing more lovely
than your face as light plays
upon the contours of your skin’s
rich tapestry.

A merchant voyager or, vagabond
would that I could rise above
the watermark left in your wake
as your beauty drowns all in
earthly pursuit of your charms.

If I could write this memory
then; let it be written in stone
and passed down through millennia
from this ancient heart into some
future point of oblivion
that this was a love to last
throughout the ages.

© Daydreamertoo        *All rights reserved

Sappho is famous (among other things) for her poetry, but not much of it has survived. Sappho’s poetry is written about by other ancient writers and, most of her writings are bits and pieces, not complete works.
I’ve always loved this piece which is pretty much very well know and was featured in an episode of Xena: Warrior Princess
“There’s a moment when I look at you, and no speech is left in me. My tongue breaks, then fire races under my skin. I tremble and grow pale, for I am dying of such love, or so it seems to me.”

We had to chose the first sentence of a poet’s words and use them, then add our own thoughts to complete a new poem. I hope Sappho would be pleased with my effort.

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History Repeating

A fire burns.
It’s flames, passion stirred in
stories told of victory or, defeat.


if we have loved
how then, can we lose.

There’s none to blame
no sackcloth’s to wear which hide
the stain of tears.

Touch my heart
it still beats the same
Keeps its rhythm even
without rhyme or reason

 And, the fire’s dying embers
warm a soul which knows its truths
still lie between the lines, unsaid.

I weep for you
for me
and for loves labours lost in
History repeating.


© Daydreamertoo    *All rights reserved

I like this song by Dame Shirley Bassey & the Propellerheads (and like the seasons repeat) I believe in many different ways, history does repeat itself, over and over again, unless it’s something we wish to put an end to.

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