Lady of the Rainbow

Delicate lady of the air
you’ve made me wish to stand and stare
parading your wares for all to see
I gasp as your beauty first stuns
then, leaves me breathless.

I feel a need to hold you, but helpless….
instead, offer my hands to catch those
drops which softly fall into my palms
(like a lovers gentle caress excites)
and know that that is how you too would
feel, if only you could be touched for real.
Soaked now as rain keeps falling
but still, I cannot ignore your sight or
wish the blessed rain to go away
nor raise a frown whilst my gaze is fixed.

Can I reach out and touch you…..dare I try?
or will you vanish from the dark blue sky
I entreat you, please do not leave
You are all the colours there will ever be
and tell me……
Is there really a pot of gold hidden at your feet?

But then,

do not divulge those secrets that are yours to keep
I care not for any chest of gold for
you are the treasure as far as I can see,
sent from the heavens above

Lady of the Rainbow….

You are one of Gods’ purest gifts of Love.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

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Perfect Union

stay a while.

The ink is ready
book, open
its pages, blank
the sharing of a dream.

You walk in
and a summer breeze
then visits, too
sharing the fragrance of you
as it lifts the curtains
and my skin reacts
(as if to dancing butterflies)
from that ethereal touch.

Time waits for no-one
and, I’m not getting any younger
so, fill your cup with
the abundance of my love
let it overflow with all
that it holds of life
and neither a borrower
nor a lender be
just, come
I’ll captivate
and you can
share these thoughts with me.

Let’s record a little history
against a backdrop of
starry skies and moonbeams.

to partake in these simplest
of pleasures
is heaven and earth’s
Perfect Union
(to me)


© Daydreamertoo         *All rights reserved

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