The Eye of Heaven

Through the route of ages
in breath and equilibrium
the journey is always
the same
we are born to die.

Each remnant of the
ancient Gods leaves more to
question, than answers.

I jostle days
turning pages in wonder at
new knowledge
they impart.

Religion separates
divides and conquers
fire and ice can co-exist
if we did but surrender ego
to learn the higher plan.

With hint of fragrant promise
the softness of pillows await and
in sweet dreams and starlight
the moon sings her lullaby
to the earth
(her dearest one)
the eye of Heaven watches
waiting for us all
to come home again
to love.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

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Creating Life

The Creation Prometheus and Man
What they did was maybe reprehensible.
but, the need to feed their ego satiated
the dye was cast.
In a whir of obvious mechanics and
other unscrupulous noise
all rendered in the blink of an eye
with one quick flick and twist of the wrist
the distant curtains of clouds
were scattered, rent asunder
in marvel at their latest
(a fly on the wall)
can only watch and scan the
prize my insect eyes
could comprehend.
(like protected skin)
the painted gild began to shed
its outer molded wax

there on the plinth stood


 © Daydreamer Too          *All rights reserved

The picture is of the God Prometheus supposedly Creating Man.
(I love legends and all history)

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Wordle Words


Thoughts twirl in a dance of clouds
love is always in the air
(for those who dare)

Light as threads in gossamer wings
flit across a tangled sky
…sparks fly.
Kaleidoscopic in their mix
of splits and slit of
serpents tongues
reaching down
to you and I from
that temple of the Gods
who sprinkle a lackadaisical
hand of stardust
to woo us with their majick
so that we may relate their
stories through the eons
of legends they know will surely last
in etches made on wood
on stone or, bone.


© Daydreamer Too      *All rights reserved


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I enjoyed this challenge!
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