A friend in need

All summer long we’ve fought
our battles
…you and I.

You’ve wanted access to my refuse
or, into my domain
I’ve spent my time
ensuring doors and any cracks
were sealed against your
endless attempts to intrude

Outside is where you belong
with all the other bugs
as far away from me as can be
I cannot explain
today when I saw your plight
half of your body poking out
between the shingles
the rest of it trapped
I realised you couldn’t move back
forward, up or down
and you have been the bane of
my life
why did I help so that you
were free to be on your way

Is that what makes a friend?


© Daydreamertoo      *All rights reserved

As I’m allergic to a few of these little buggers, I have spent most of the summer trying to avoid them at all costs but today I saw an earwig, yes, a pest but, it was caught between the wooden tiles/shingles on the wall outside. It was half out and stuck, couldn’t move and it little legs and head were quite frantic. So, I thought, about leaving it to its fate and then thought, would I want to be left if I was stuck like that too?  So, I got an old blunt knife and prised the gap open wide enough for it to drop out… thought that might be called: ‘what is a friend’ over at Carry on Tuesday.

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My Friend My Rock



You are my rock.

The strength I need when
people I meet bring me to my knees
I cannot hitch myself back up
and anxiety feeds well upon
my fears.

You are my one sane moment in time.

My truest friend indeed who’s
there whenever pity’s tears
soak my pillows with the
sorrows of dreaded tomorrows
and thoughts of pains yet
to come.

You are my sanctuary.

My island in life’s
roughest sea.

My harbour lies in the
strength of your loving arms and
my heart dwells inside the
safety of your canon

You are my soft rain fall.
The one who cools my
heated mind.

The smoothness over the
cracked paving slabs of
my life

And, the promised breath
of spring-time after winter’s
bitter strife.

Where would I be without
your love…

I’ll never know….

Because you love me
like a rock and
will never let me

My candle burns at both ends
because you and I
…are friends.


© Daydreamer Too *All rights reserved

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