The Way

The young have ego in abundance
there’s mostly nothing they lack
in the way of courage
Of standing their ground and
feeling so proud
even if they are so proudly

The line between child and
adulthood is invisible
transition all too often

One moment an adult
still a child.
They buffer back and forth
in the twilight zone
’til they reach that certain
point of no return

still thinking that school
is the end of all their lessons
and life can now begin


as we humans age we then
discover so much from
past mistakes, which tend to
teach our ego what it is to be
bringing a sense of unity
to others and, the world.

Compassion, compassion
the learned teachers say

Truth is found in silence
healing wounds too deep
to mention

forgiving the unforgivable
is the way of love.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

16 is a strange age. One minute she acts like an adult, the next, behaving like a child and… I am learning these lessons.  LOL

Shared with Three Word Wednesday CCLXXIX # Buffer, Transition, Unity
Poetry Jam Forgiveness
Poets United Vice Versa #5

On Forgiveness


I forgive you for leaving
when you promised me you’d stay
The tapestry of destiny was
woven to this day

For me to see all the colours
that have enriched my life
the laughter and the joys
the sorrows and the strife.

I forgive you for the painful path
I have walked along.

I forgive you for the heartache
my soul has touched upon.

I forgive you for so many things
ask, that you would do the same.

In the quiet strength of meekness
hold my head up high
turn my cheek, again.


© Daydreamer Too        *All rights reserved

Shared at Friday Night Writers (Forgiven)
And Poets United Poetry Pantry #56

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Sweet Embrace


A symphony plays.
The pianist loves the keys he strokes
and I in turn, welcome the moment
to succumb

…to simply just

Close weary eyes
against chaotic day
but thoughts still stray
and I miss, miss, miss
sharing the rain
it helps to soothe the longing.

How deeply we have to hurt.

To cut and then
to bleed upon the sharpest blade
before we reach that depth of
understanding that it isn’t ever
about who did what or, why.

It’s all about forgiving.

For the gift is in the pain
that we may learn to truly love.

How can pain be blue
I so love the blue
for it frees the ache in me.
The sky
these, are my souls sanctuary.

Softly now thoughts stray
alone, in liquid light
the music has worked its magic again
and I yield lucid thought once more
to the sweet embrace of night.



©Daydreamer Too        *All rights reserved


*Authors note:    When I write, I can go through a whole mixed bag of emotions and, whatever I write isn’t necessarily how I feel at the time I publish it here. In other words, I’m not always sad 🙂 
We creative minds usually run the gauntlet on emotions several times a day….up and down….LOL
It’s usually how and where we get all the words to pour forth.

Shared at: Poets United Poetry Pantry #53


The wall was built long ago, but what’s to be done if eyes don’t see beyond the watermark left in rainbow pools of longing from too many tears having been shed.
Do we sail quietly away as evening falls, silent, through her sky, or do we stay, hold the dream within and if we can….Keep breathing.
If love could build a bridge between your heart and mine then, somewhere in time’s vast expanse we may yet cross the great divide to where a promise still lays in wait, if enduring love ever decrees those walls will tumble, crumble once more, softly to the ground.

© Daydreamer Too    *All rights reserved

Shared at Jenny Matlock Saturday Centus week #58 (The wall was built)

This is something I wrote a few years ago but, thought it apt for the Jenyy Matlock promt about walls.