3In profound silence
I find answers
to wordless questions
and watch a string of lights
around this heart on fire
revealing all its passion.

What you’ll never know
is hidden in these depths
of quiet surrender.

I sipped a pleasing voice
tasted its sweetness upon my lips
as fine as wine
and wallowed in its musical cadence
flush in the warmth of
a smile to keep and, then to share.

Those empty promises fade
into the ether
of some other netherworld

And I…

I play the game of life again
to win
with reckless charm.


©Daydreamer       *All rights reserved

Hard and Soft

Hard and soft
exact opposites
given enough thought
the two can blend into one
if we are inclined to let our
minds wander.

Hold the stone in your hand
it too, has a life.
A history to tell to those
with vision.

The wide open flower
breathes its truths in light.
Shares its fragrance with the stone
at end of day when it tucks
in for the night
will lay upon the stone
to the stones delight

Hard and soft combined


© Daydreamertoo             *All rights reserved

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Little one
you cling to the blooms
as if you know it was always
your destiny to have done so.

Without a murmur you arrived
hardly disturbing Mother Nature’s mood


maybe she too was pleased to see
your effervescent smile and, so
taken with your zest for life
and happiness
she joined you in presenting
your summer celebration.


© Daydreamertoo           *All rights reserved

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Seeing beyond the visual

The sky breathes
unseen waves blow warmth
setting sap free to flow
through veins
each individual cell connected
to the whole.

The tree of life grows
instinctively pure.

Leaves relate their stories
to fresh, new blossoms
on the bough
pink, lush and lovely.

Each petal holds secrets
of the universe

and she,

she sees it all through
the fire in her eyes
as she too, unfolds in the
glow of the sun.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

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Spring Awakening


After winter’s stillness has settled Autumn’s passing grief
perhaps marrow in bones which ache and stiff hips from
all that cold, seek the heat once more to oil their creaks.

A hand hesitates.
Moves to open the sealed window against
a massive doubt
(maybe it is too soon, too soon)
and yet,
the heart always knows its secret need.

Wiping away weeping condensation
new hope rose in early morning sunlight.
The old frame groaned as heat reached in on
happy dust-mote beams
she espied the late spring awakening.

A full clatter of bright colours from
fresh sprung crocuses greeted her
from their distant flower beds.


©   Daydreamertoo      *All rights Reserved

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The Stones

I once knew a Blackrock
a place that holds many memories
for the child who
was me.

Now, I hold a black rock
in my hand.
Jet black and smooth
…just because
Because the feel of its
warmth, soothes.

Thoughts drift above
the watermark
Ah, here it comes again.

‘Hello, welcome rain
oh, how I have missed the
magic of your warm, wet kiss
to lips that have thirsted for you
through the months of snow.’

The rock in my hand
leads  to others
all shapes, sizes and each so
vibrant in colour.

I feel their energy flow
and gain pleasure
as my thoughts wander again at will
a gentle trickle with the rain
So aware there is new life now
about to grow
the rarest of all flowers
is still safe inside my heart.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

I have a small pot of stones just like those in the picture.
Sometimes I sit and hold one for a while, just to feel it’s smoothness, texture, think about its flaws and, appreciate its magic.

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Step light upon the petals as they fall
lest you crush their hope into
the dark of nothingness.

Other realms of endless light
send invitations through
sweet fragrances of sights
(as yet)

Past echoes ring forth in
depths of crystal clarity
as buds anticipate
the struggle ahead that awaits
before their birth.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

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The Senses

To see beyond the pale
in the darkest dead of night

To touch what isn’t there
without the need of light

To taste a lover’s kiss
and never want another’s

To smell the sweetest rose
from memory, alone

To hear breath inside a whisper
and know that purest tone

Is poetry to satisfy the senses.


© Daydreamertoo   *All rights reserved

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