1574r-21604In my dreams I can fly.
In my dreams I’m in the sky.
I don’t need any magician things
for in my dreams
I’m given wings.

Daydreams see me wide awake
…yet dreaming

Sleeping in my memories.

I am the spirit having flown
who loves the feel of flight
and delights in being
as light as the air upon
which I breathe
…and soar.

Who could ask for more
as I preen and smooth these
wings of love
loving every single moment

…that, caress of
feathered down in
my beak as I lift
and tease

sift them into perfect place.
then, satisfied

open them wide

Take off, finding instant
peace and freedom as I
soar up high above the
clouds of my discontent
then, settle down to glide
up there in the wide
blue yonder.

Still wonder why I love it?

Come with me

find freedom in
that sky

Close your eyes



©Daydreamer      *All rights reserved


What bliss!
What happiness can exist in pure silence.

Peace sits well with silence
the music plays, light

offering reflection inside
each note.

Elusive sensations rise

There is more to life than we
may ever know or understand


lost in free flight.

A feather in the wind.


© Daydreamertoo             *All rights reserved

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Murder of Crows

Image by Tracey Grumbach

Sunrise, sunsets.
Life slips through our fingers
as we swim through its mist of days
sometimes without allowing
its touch or, touching.

But they,
they fly so high.

Never really liked crows
until I knew that they
loved, too.
That they mate for life and
even care for their young
when they’re old enough
and, needn’t.

Their calls echo
in my longing.

So high.
I cannot count the miles
so close to my dreams.

A blessed moment of the sublime
awakens sleeping flames.

Turning circles
they entice.
Seduce with sensual dance.

Their joy
their freedom to belong
as one small part of
earths magic
So lost in their play
I yearn once more
to share their bliss of flight
feathers in the wind.


© Daydreamertoo                *All rights reserved

I never really liked crows, always thought they were bullies, then I discovered that a whole bunch of them is called ‘A murder of crows’ and was intrigued by that. We had a whole murder load of them right outside the back of our house in 2009. It was so loud, almost deafening, because there were so many gathered in the woods. I only caught a part of them flying away on the video clip but, there had to be a couple of hundred all told. It reminded me of the Alfred Hitchcock movie ‘The Birds’ because there were so many. I then went online to read up on them, to discover that crows mate for life. Just like swans and some other birds remaining with only one partner. And, not only but also, they care for their young until well after they can fly by themselves. They watch over them, protect them and continue to teach them.

My view of these birds changed dramatically once I knew they weren’t all about just being bullies and I found a respect for them that wasn’t there before.

Shared with dVerse Poets Poetics: With the photography by Tracy Grumbach of Nine Acres Designs

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The Phoenix and the Dove

When all of life seems lost
and she settles down to die
she knows she’ll leave the
past behind
(those things that haunted and
hurt her in her mind)
but yet she knows full well
that it will never be the end
for life turns in circles
…circles without end.

So, settling down to die
sees her birth once more
and born of flames from
passions fire comes the
desire to want to live
to be
…to breathe.

She rises from the heat’s
exotic dance
arches her back in exquisite
excellence and fans the
flames with life’s desire.

The will of simply

She spreads her golden wings
and soars…
knowing freedom’s taste
once more.

But at times the Phoenix tires of
eternal night and day
when she does, the Dove inside
takes up her flame
and, the freedom

She’s the restful spirit that
exist’s in me
…the fiery bird.

She is all the peace there is

The calmness to be felt up there
within the blue who glides on
breezes that softly tease and
blow her feathered down.

She is my calmness
…my serenity.

The purest of pure white doves
who lives and breathes in me.
Spirit of heaven’s hosts who
teaches me most of all
what it is to love and
be loved.

She is my mentor…my guide
who sees with eyes wide open
as she flies the sky
inside a meditated calm
that is at One
with all.

The Phoenix and the Dove

I know them both so well now
for each has always seemed
an equal part
of me.

Each one gives me freedom
and when at last I lay me
down to die I’ll know
the circle is unbroken
Circles without end
for those two spirits will be
flying the skies unless
time eternal



© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

I mentioned on the recent ‘Life of a Poet’ interview at Poets United with Sherrybluesky that I have always felt as if I have two very different spirits in me from which I gain, strength/wisdom, courage etc and, for some reason ever since I was very young I have always felt as if I know how it really does feel to ‘fly.’ To preen feathers, to lift them and fold them back into place. To open wings out wide, take off and fly. To be above the world to soar and glide with nothing but peace and the rush of wind in my face.
I’ve always had a feeling in another life that I was a bird and know the feeling of free flying and, a few years ago was told by someone who ‘read’ Native American stones that I have an Eagle, a white Buffalo and a Dolphin as my animal spirit guides. She said that to have an Eagle was so unusual because they are considered the highest of animals to have as a guide, filled with wisdom and, not many have them, but to have three animals which covered, land, sea and air was really very unusual and she told me I ought to allow myself to be guided by them.
I’m open to any and all things that spiritually enlighten.

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Freedom Sky

This song has always inspired me to write of the freedom and majesty of an Eagle in flight and, it is the inspiration for the following prose.
I also created the video.



On a day like no other
she opened sleepy eyes
to the hush of all around

there was nothing moving
not even,
silent sound.

A breath of the universe fell
so light from space
to touch with such a softness
the cheek of her up-turned face.

Dawn’s sun kissed distant tree-tops
with the wink of a lazy eye
and there she stood on the
tallest perch, over-looking
earth and sky.

She fluffed
She stretched
She preened herself and gleamed

Lifting feathers to a gentle breeze
she teased them away from wings
that she unfolded very slowly to
ease herself awake
preparing for the journey
she was about to make.

Caught between two worlds
of darkness and of light

To her left, were moon-lit meadows
still held in Lunar’s trance
swaying in intimate movement
of a lover’s sensual dance.

To her right, translucent sunbeams
warmed her naked skin
feathers raised and readied
she welcomed heat to reach those depths within
where memories of a thousand moons
are recalled in mystic dreams
and nothing is impossible
sing the songs of distant streams.

With one long last knowing gaze
she surveyed all that she could see
and with only a leap of faith
she opened majestic wings out wide
and caught a favoured breeze
thereupon, to glide.


Up, up and away she soared
to the freedom of her skies.


© Daydreamer Too

I love being able to let my thoughts just…fly….
Ever since I was a young child, I’ve always dreamed I could fly and know instinctively how it would really feel if I could….who knows, maybe my spirit did…in a past life.
(I guess) We are all as free as we allow our minds to be.

Shared with Poetry Pot Luck, Inspired by a song