‘Am I going to die?’
‘What grade am I in?’
‘Am I going to die?’
No, stop talking now.
‘What grade am I in?’
Alright no more questions, stop talking now.
‘Ok, but, am I going to die?’
You’re not going to die, now stop talking.
‘Yes but, what grade am I in?’


When she was 12 mini-monster went to a friend’s Birthday party after school. An hour later my friend bought her home.
She had a black eye appearing, bit of a bloody nose and was rambling on and on non stop. I was furious, thinking someone had beaten her but…..
Apparently she’d been in a hammock and had asked the boys there to swing her around in it but, she wasn’t holding on and of course she came flying off and, smacked her face and head on the ground
My friend said, she wasn’t sure if she was ‘play acting or not’ because she wasn’t behaving ‘quite right’ She was asking the same handful of questions, over and over and over non-stop.
We drove 45 minutes to the hospital here in town and the doctor told me she had a concussion and that sometimes they can lose their short term memory for a period of time.
If she asked me those same questions a thousand times in 24 hours, it would be an under-statement and to say it was scary to see it is another under-statement.
She still doesn’t remember a thing about that party. Concussion is not to be taken lightly at all.

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Trafalgar Square

She should’ve known better than to dare. The sky above was black. Such a silly place to chose when there were thousands of other places in the city to meet, sit and share a cuppa Rosy Lee (Tea) Trafalgar Square loomed. The lions were waiting, but so too, were all those pigeons and their poop.

Visited Trafalgar Square so many times over the years. So much there to see. Statues of famous people in history, and those lions are so lovely, but the pigeons, well they are an army all on their own now and have become famous for being so many. Everyone feeds them now so they are tame enough to come and sit on you, but you run the risk of all that poop landing on you too. LOL

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Who knew he would grow into being such a super wonder of a man.
Always different from the rest, his whole life was one big test
of good triumphing over bad.
With an endless stamina and an iron mind set, he’d expected no less
than hearing Lex Luthor’s insane rants about his bright red underpants.


Always loved Superman,  Batman and the other super heros but, always did wonder why they were all made to wear their underwear on the outside…. weird!

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From sleepless chaos she brings
a whisper of hope
through the silent darkness

Offers solace to my plight
with comfort of the pure
and in such stillness
spreads her wings about my pain.

With a constant faith
she shares an
out-pouring of Angel light
and through
cosmic waves of love
once more

…I am saved.


© Daydreamertoo   *All rights reserved

Sometimes we all need someone to lean on….and, I believe they hear.

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The Weary Hunter


The hunter, grown weary from
neverending chase with no
rewarding feast to satisfy
such haste.
Today, turns her back on her prey
with great passion and flair
wafts her tail into the air
(but in so doing leaves her scent
behind for the hunter to become the
hunted….the hunter then, to find).


© Daydreamertoo       *all rights reserved


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