Once upon a time

The dragon spoke to the princess in
the gentlest voice he could find.
Softly….Oh so softly he whispered
right into her mind.

The princess listened gladly
she was feeling quite at home
everything was so familiar
(she thought)
looking about her, as he
talked of flying soon
back to the purple moon which
matched his purple wings.
And, then he spoke about his world
and other rare magical

She curled her legs beneath her
but shivered by his side as
the mist’s of time settled
all about
And when he saw that tiny
tremour he lifted up
his wing to fold her within
diminish the trembling
increase the warmth and
keep the coldness

She sighed as he quietly
continued and let
his silent words take her
to the places of her dreams.
To lands where giants and ogres
roam and where…
(it seems without doubt)..
He flies the same skies as
witches with brooms and
with a certain certainty
she knew that humans

Time passed by….

The sun was falling from
the sky
and soon he had to leave
But the princess was not
Content….he’d come again.
For ‘she’ is beauty
and ‘he’ …the beast
but they were
mates in soul
…The same.

She knew she need only
whisper his name and
there the dragon would be.

It had been like that
throughout history

Because you see

Dragons live forever and
she too is princess of the fae
and in this story they
share their lives
forever and a


© Daydreamertoo               *All rights reserved

*And, because I like a happy ending. It all ends happily ever after… maybe.  😉

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The Dragon and the Moon

In days of old before knights were bold, much magic still was made, by witches brewing spells in pots that broiled up steam hotter than a baking sun and, once their spells were cast, well…. much of the time, they could never be undone.
A king lived in a castle, an eccentric, angry man, but he loved and lived there with his wife and Orlund, their only son.
Nights were dark and cold, no humans ventured out, for the rules were those of the king’s, of that there was no doubt, leaving the dragons to come from their lairs to freely roam with ease and faeries who would dance… and play among the trees.

The handsome prince Orlund…a very curious young man at this, left the castle to explore those lands that would one day, be his.
While riding through the thickets of the forrest deep, Fleet, his faithfull horse, stumbled and of course, immediately following, off his master tumbled, hit his head then fell asleep. Fleet grew scared, tossed his head and bolted leaving his master Orlund lost, inside a world of dreams.
Time passed and…
Silent, she hesitated at first, in the fast diminishing light, unsure what to make of such rarity …this mortal, within sight.
Luna of the Fae, non more beautiful than she…or, so the fables say, seeing blood upon his brow, bannished all thoughts of harm, knelt beside the sleeping man, gently took his hand, and, enjoying the warmth held it to her chest.

Orlund awoke to the most beautiful vision he knew he’d ever seen, began drinking in her beauty…. still thinking it a dream. When she spoke, her voice was as music in his ears, and Orlund fell in love as her smile allayed his fears.

Tears fell from her eyes as they gazed into his own pools, and sparks ignited between them, they were lovers at first sight, and this love would be so true.

Entranced… Orlund brushed the blood away and then he slowly stood, he took her in his arms and together they did sway, the moment was to last a lifetime, forever and a day.
Safe with Luna by his side she led him through the trees, bought him once more to the castle …when each of them did freeze.

The king was stood there fuming, his anger would not be contained. How could this faery fiend bewitch his son this way! He swore an oath to end it, right here, right now, before this end of day. He’d brought with him all the witches and with their combined might, had poor Luna changed into a great big ball of light…. then, sent her to the stars.

Despair took hold of Orlund, he felt his heart ripped out, he knew he’d never live without her, so he took a dagger and drove its blade in deep, knowing that now, they would never be apart.

Beside himself with grief, the king looked to the witches, begged them please …to save his son, promising them all his riches.

The witches conspired as Orlund lay there dying, to cast one more mighty spell and bring him back from dead but, to do this they told the king he would have to become a dragon, because dragons live forever, unlike his mortal son, who had just then tasted death.

Quickly the king agreed and, amidst a tumultous clap of thunder Orlund became a dragon, who, quickly roared to life with fire breathing air.
His memory still intact, he stretched out magnificent wings and flew off in all haste… without ever looking back.

Heading straight up to the sky, his wings took him up …oh so high.
Higher than the heighest heights and, headed for the brightest light.
He would be there soon, determined that once he was, he’d never leave her side.

And, when Luna’s night is full, if you look long and hard enough, maybe you too one day will see….

The Dragon and the Moon.

For those who believe….

©    Daydreamertoo     *All rights reserved

*A happy ending.. kind of…. lol

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A hint of sweet Jasmine carried in the
softest whistle of wind through an open window
as sunset settled across her enchanted domain.

She could relax once again
after more than ample help from her
loyal and loving tiger beast
the scrap of demons were trapped
(for now)
in a magical montage of granite
(in theory)
would hold them forever, unless
the hard-stone was somehow flawed
or, the spell she cast was broken.

Such huge responsibility
being a good fairy queen
and trying to prevent so
many different monsters each night from
invading young children’s dreams.


© Daydreamertoo              *All rights reserved

Another take on beauty and the beast story.

Psst: It’s my @#%^**** @& gazillionth  Birthday today 🙂

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Do Not Disturb

Permission by © Mama Zen Photography

The stars shone in your eyes little
one and now you’ve gone off
some where to dream.
To your world of make

You’ve had a busy day
all your friends came out to play
and you’ve cast some happy
spells down in the garden dell where
all the other faeries dwell in your
world of make believe.

I’ve seen those magic daisy rings
where you skip, dance and sing
on sunbeams hand in hand casting
spells for wishing wells and
granting more wishes to come true
for me and those who believe
in you and your world of make

Beautiful dreamer…
Tiny princess of the fae.
Dream dreams of unicorns and other
mystical things using mushrooms
for a pillow upon which to lay
those tired wings.

Come back again when morning
is due as fresh as those daisies
and with bright shiny new wishes
in the palm of your hand
to grant them all again
with a wave of your
magic wand
and the
land of make believe.


© Daydreamertoo                *All rights reserved

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Full Spectrum Light

In full spectrum light
at this moment, now
she plays to my

Fingers glide across
the strings
as I forget to breathe.

She bridges my thoughts
with her musical timing
attuned to my sense of wonder.

Whisks me up as light as air
with textures in notes
to pleasure even the
gloomiest of moods.

Is she fairy?
Is she Angel?
Is she even really there?

No matter
if I think she is
..she is

and her notes match
my kaleidoscopic dreams


©   Daydreamertoo       *All rights reserved

Might take me a while to get around to everyone taking part at dVerse. Had an accident yesterday and badly scalded thumb & 2 fingers. Was trying to see if the washer needed changing and forgot *rolls eyes* to turn the hot water off under the sink. Had a gusher of boiling water and was trying to screw the stopper thing back in against the pressure of water… getting my fingers scalded but not realising how badly….Duuuhhhh.
Had to go the the ER. Have 2nd degree burns. So been making this post since last night and, am having problems trying to type as I’m also right handed and at best only ever use two index fingers to type as it is. Making more typos than actual typing so please excuse, will do my best to visit you all.
The show must go on.  We are all super troopers for our craft after all   🙂

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