The Eyes Have It

The eyes speak of love
of passions lust and
offspring bought.
Of truth and dare
of honour
or secrets and

The eyes speak of battles
fought or won
and gaze fondly upon
allies as friends in
times of war.

The eyes glisten and mist
with pride as they
speak of ancestors.
Of braves whose spirits
dwell in fields where
blood may have run as
a crimson tide
over some foreign

The eyes speak of
death and dying
of tears of pain and

The eyes hold a sparkle
from the stars above
to show a loved
one they care.

The eyes hold a smile
showing pleasure
and measure strangers
upon first sight.

The eyes are the
pathway to the

If my eyes ever meet you
they will hold your gaze…

Will yours do the


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

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Water, Wind and Stone



Across the water

she waits
where the mountains
meet the sky.

With a genteel radiance
she describes infinity
through the beauty of
her eyes.

Atuned to Earths vibration
I hear melodies in
hidden caverns
that reverberate to my
soul’s dance

Silent to all
save those who sing
of the joys to be shared
in the comfort of their truth


love still blooms
in water, wind and stone.


© Daydreamer Too     *All rights reserved


I believe that Love is everywhere…. both within us and without and, I believe everything we see and that which we don’t see is also alive, water, wind and yes, I believe even stone has its own type of life.

Love just….IS


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Winning this award

Was such a lovely surprise

My heart is smiling


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There are so many talented writers each one deserving of being mentioned but I can only nominate one person and it is Lunawitch15