I’ve got the power

Having weed whacked the back yard I was winding the 35 foot power cable up as you do, through open hand to elbow, almost reached the end and it’s getting pretty heavy, hand bent right back. Go to slide it off my elbow and darn if it isn’t too tight, couldn’t shift it at all.


Couldn’t find a pic of a woman to show what was happening but, this gives you the story. My power cord is probably 4 times longer than this guys. I didn’t realise how far back my hand had bent and by the time I’d folded it all and went to pull it off, it was so tight it wouldn’t budge and my hand was changing colour. *Rolls eyes* So (being a bit claustrophobic) I quickly had to unravel the whole thing to free my arm…lol

Ahhh…. it should all be so simple.


Shared with G-Mans’s Friday Flash 55

Electric Blue

Somewhere in time
I plucked a feather
from the ground

maybe it was mine
from once owning broken wings


I’ve let go the past

Put it in a box
tucked that box away
amongst all the other

It’s a new dawn
of a new day

The sun shines
(I’m alive)

The sea moves me
(in waves I can’t describe)

The wind blows
(sometimes harsh at play)

Days keep coming
(I’m alive)

I’ve got energy and
lightening in my veins

In fact

everything I love’s



Electric Blue


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