The Devil’s Angel

There’s a devil on my left
complete with horns
blood-red eyes and
sharply pointed tail.

He makes me sail close to
the wind
taunting me to
commit some sin.
He’s got his claws dug in
there deep
keeps on trying without end.

Puts me to the test
never lets me rest.

But I know he’s there….
…..whispering in my ear.

He tries his level best to
take my thoughts and deeds where
they really ought not to go


When he gets that bad and
I’m filled with doubt
wondering whether to
walk his black-hearted road
just to ease the heaviness of
my ‘living’ load
that’s when
I turn to the Angel on my right
because, she always guides me
back toward the light.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

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Devil in Disguise

Mysterious man
spoke oh, so quietly
came seeking shelter
I gave it, willingly

(I thought)
everybody hurts sometimes, and
There but for the grace of God, go I.’

He offered me a smile
rare twinkle in his eye
and myself
(once needing solace)
having discovered the hand of friendship
extended him the same.

Asked what could I do for him.

“I want your soul”  He said.

A chill washed right over me
I froze right there and then
knowing the presence of pure evil

“Only the devil would ask for my soul.”
I calmly replied.

“Perhaps I am the devil.” He smiled
once again.

“Yes, I think perhaps you are.”
I said with courage I hoped
I owned.
“Sorry, but my soul is not for sale.
Go ply your trade elsewhere.”

His eyes twinkled with
the fires I knew were from hell.
He smiled again politely
turned his back on me
and went on his way.


© Daydreamertoo         *All rights reserved

Of course I used a bit of poetic imagery in this but years ago, a man I felt sorry for once because he seemed lonely and in need so, tried to be his friend and, we did actually have that conversation.  Needless to say, it was not a friendship I pursued but, it’s something that I’ve never forgotten.

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Carry on Tuesday #163 ‘Everybody hurts, sometimes.

Forbidden Fruit

Image © Klaus Enrique Gerdes

An apple wasn’t the only fruit he used

Garnished with everything edible
he could possibly find
even using sweet scented flowers
to further lure and to entice

He peeked out from behind
those black soul-less eyes
mouth hidden
but the devil couldn’t help
so aware that everything
about him was saying

‘Bite me’


© Daydreamertoo              *All rights reserved

I wanted this to be deeper than just about fruit. Despite it being fruit the pic seems somehow darker than that  (to me)

Shared with Magpie Tales #120 image by Klaus Enrique Gerdes

Hell Fire

When you’ve been to hell
Walked among the living dead and survived amidst
that dreadful stench of gushing evil.
Gone through the fire.
Faced the devil.
Felt his breath sear your soul yet, you’ve blown
it back with complete indifference.
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© Daydreamertoo  *All rights reserved

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