Daydream Believer

If we’re really living it
there’s nothing trivial about life
we all differ in what feeds our soul
every little thing is significant
to us, one way or another.

I halt the walk
through the rat maze
long enough to observe the
life in trees.
I see the veins in leaves
this too, is me
every vein matters
no matter how small
and, the sap within.
How can we ignore
the importance of it all
when in truth
it is all there is.

Life in all its pain and glory.

At the end of everyday madness
I cast myself away
drift once more in daydreams
where a pen guides all thought
across an empty page
I’ll write once more
that I would still risk anything, for love.


© Daydreamertoo      *All rights reserved

Daydreaming/Meditation/Pondering life’s daily events while listening to soft music in the background or, in silence, is where most of my inspiration to write comes from.  But, while I love this time of quiet reflection, I do live in the real-life (mess) of this world.
But without our hopes and our dreams which feed us, keep us wanting to achieve, what do we have left?

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Ernesto Cortazar


I discovered Ernesto Cortazar about three or four years ago.

He was born in Mexico and died in 2004.
I have never heard anyone play a piano quite like he does. It is with such a gentle passion.
You can find his music on Youtube
Anyway, this is just one fav of his . There are so many as lovely but …..this suits the snow and winter right now.

( Tribute to Ernesto Cortazar)

He plays


I float upon the waves.

Adrift in his melodic seas
my soul feeds on
those oh-so-perfect notes.

So cold
is winters cowl
I shrink from her icy reach


need the clasp of
sparkling jewels she shares to
feast these weary eyes upon.

And still,

he plays for me…

Even though his time has passed
his music lives and lures me
like a siren call
to fall in tune with all of
natures blessed harmonies.

I can cross the great divide
turn again to love
look toward days to
come as yet


embrace them.

© Daydreamertoo          *All rights reserved

 For the way he plays and to those he has given so much joy and happiness, he is one of my everyday ‘heros’.

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