Pieces of the Night

It comes from all the little pieces of the night
broken down into their smallest parts

cosmic atoms,

Sparkles across the sea of life


Scattering clouds of discontent.

(The pursuit of love
is always a just cause.)

Hands, touching hands
touching hearts
touching minds.

Thoughts drift on a steady
beat of day

Slow, easy…

As Eagle wings unfold
then, glide.

At last…

The seventh veil
reveals a necessary sadness
inducing temporary madness


reaching through the ether
an eternal flame

invites the Phoenix soul
to fly
from the wreckage of her
life’s endless storm

brings it to the final acceptance

always above and beyond
for the greater good.


©Daydreamer *All rights reserved


Author: Been a while since I was here. May be a while till I return again. Who knows….only time. ūüôā

Freed to Love

catwoman-wow1She wasn’t a beauty in the
perceived physical sense


she was perfectly beautiful.

No, she wasn’t without flaws,

(for, none of us are)

she was perfectly perfect for
the hearts made to love her
in all that she was


when her eyes gazed into mine
I saw the universe through her soul and
knew without doubt she had freed my own
from its eternal quest to know true love.


©Daydreamer *All rights reserved


3In profound silence
I find answers
to wordless questions
and watch a string of lights
around this heart on fire
revealing all its passion.

What you’ll never know
is hidden in these depths
of quiet surrender.

I sipped a pleasing voice
tasted its sweetness upon my lips
as fine as wine
and wallowed in its musical cadence
flush in the warmth of
a smile to keep and, then to share.

Those empty promises fade
into the ether
of some other netherworld

And I…

I play the game of life again
to win
with reckless charm.


©Daydreamer       *All rights reserved

Softness of days

34928113ea4a73c3d56f455d09e68182-d41knvrFinding strength in silence
where others may find madness

I revel in its calm caress
as a lover shares
the softest kiss
the softest sigh

the softest gaze
in the softest eyes.

After the thunder
and lightening passed

a storm which left not
even a trace in

I bathe once more in
the passion of life
the softness of my days.


©Daydreamer *All rights reserved



Photograph © Bruno Chatard

Soul Kiss

flsunrise5Waking early

I opened my eyes
lazily gazed upon
original sunrise
stretched out before me
like a lovers repose.

(imagined embrace)
I felt
the gentle swish of trees
as they danced with
undeniable excellence.

Closed sleepy lids
once more
gazed upon some
distant shore
to journeys end
where my love lies
patiently waiting.

A profound love
complete for its


(even in my longing)
the seat of my
yearning embraces

as exquisite in its ache
as your kiss was
to the longing in
my soul.


©Daydreamer    *All rights reserved


imageToday they fight
to fly

Wind blows wild
(a bit like my mood)
white horses gather a pace
as I too race against
the tide

and last night raged
against the moon
under a starless sky.

Sometimes I wonder


the story remains
the same.

My soul sifts through
superficial anger
knowing you bought out
the best in me

there is no blame
and I resolve to always

Nothing is ever lost
to passion.


©Daydreamer. *All rights reserved

Different day. Different moods. Watching the waves whipped up into white foam from high winds. It all seemed angry, just moods….

Life’s Prize


Rain, rain, rain
falling on my mood

hits the roof
I sit in
filling me with…


Is that hope I see
on the other side
shifting the misery
and gloom.

A loan gull floats
upon wild waves
amid white horses
galloping a pace

the water too
as restless
tosses, rolls
releases him once
again to swim.

I shiver like
the tree limbs do
still awaiting the cloaks
to hide their naked
winter sleep.

and I…

I hold this time within
and count it as
life’s prize.


©Daydreamer *All rights reserved

Water Music


Soft playing notes lapping
at the shores of my

A lone seagull flies high above
as white and as soothing
to see its freedom of
flight as the soft foam which
falls in sweet, sweet
melodies onto ripples in
the sand that also
(like the beaches in my heart)
is home to my love.

Heavens music could be no
more than this


As those living…
giving, waves tease my
heightened senses.


then, kiss the shore sensually
with long lingering notes of
quiet musical passion.
Each graceful swish a
kiss of excellence to a
lovers eager


Let the music play and I
will love you eternally.

Such sweet music to my ears.

‘Oh…how I love you, sea.’
Said the Earth.

And then, she smiled.


                    ©Daydreamer     *All Rights reserved

Blue Moon

BluemoonI weep my silent tears that
no-one ever hears
nor knows occur
except for her….

My darling, lady moon.

She knows my secret sorrows
in all of my tomorrows
yet, never betrays those secrets
already told.

She’s big, she’s bright, she’s bold
and daring but yet, delicate and
oft times softly pale
caring only for her moon-child
minds well-being.

I tell her everything and
she sits there listening
never condemns
nor apportions blame
as she shines up above
on this one, she so loves.

I speak to her in whispers
of dreams that never came true
of years of silent waiting
for someone such as you
(my mate in soul)
who found me
but cannot be with me
much less share my life.

So, my lady moon
I turn to you once more
weep these silent tears
for the one that I adore
pour out this sorrow
from my aching heart
knowing that those
milken drops of mine
will reach the safety of your
Blue-moon hue
and that my secret sadness
is forever safe with you.

© Daydreamer              *All rights reserved

I wrote this back in 2000. Thought I’d publish again


music_note_and_people_vector_550932It’s all lines
laughter lines
life lines



where would I be
without those notes
of sanity.

They’re all Greek to me


make such a beautiful

A semi quaver
treble clef

A note
suspended momentarily
and I shiver from the
silence in between.

Passion stirs in the pauses
which rise and fall.

I swim with its flow
realising I cannot read but,
can clearly hear the sounds of
ecstasy and love
you share in every line.

© Daydreamer                   *All rights reserved



People pass
enjoy blue sky

soft, sensual

my soul still weeps
for you, for me
for history


Time can’t erase
the promise of

Birds take to flight


like my hands upon your skin
set yours to shivering.

The veil into beyond


allows light to seep within
seeking the darkest corners
where you hid
among my suffering


You gave such gifts
and never truly knew
grief too, is one


Without the dark
we’d have no need of light


       © Daydreamer         *All rights reserved

A friend in need

All summer long we’ve fought
our battles
…you and I.

You’ve wanted access to my refuse
or, into my domain
I’ve spent my time
ensuring doors and any cracks
were sealed against your
endless attempts to intrude

Outside is where you belong
with all the other bugs
as far away from me as can be
I cannot explain
today when I saw your plight
half of your body poking out
between the shingles
the rest of it trapped
I realised you couldn’t move back
forward, up or down
and you have been the bane of
my life
why did I help so that you
were free to be on your way

Is that what makes a friend?


© Daydreamertoo      *All rights reserved

As I’m allergic to a few of these little buggers, I have spent most of the summer trying to avoid them at all costs but today I saw an earwig, yes, a pest but, it was caught between the wooden tiles/shingles on the wall outside. It was half out and stuck, couldn’t move and it little legs and head were quite frantic. So, I thought, about leaving it to its fate and then thought, would I want to be left if I was stuck like that too? ¬†So, I got an old blunt knife and prised the gap open wide enough for it to drop out… thought that might be called: ‘what is a friend’ over at Carry on Tuesday.

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The Way

The young have ego in abundance
there’s mostly nothing they lack
in the way of courage
Of standing their ground and
feeling so proud
even if they are so proudly

The line between child and
adulthood is invisible
transition all too often

One moment an adult
still a child.
They buffer back and forth
in the twilight zone
’til they reach that certain
point of no return

still thinking that school
is the end of all their lessons
and life can now begin


as we humans age we then
discover so much from
past mistakes, which tend to
teach our ego what it is to be
bringing a sense of unity
to others and, the world.

Compassion, compassion
the learned teachers say

Truth is found in silence
healing wounds too deep
to mention

forgiving the unforgivable
is the way of love.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

16 is a strange age. One minute she acts like an adult, the next, behaving like a child and… I am learning these lessons. ¬†LOL

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Trayvon Martin Measure of Life

Out of chaos
comes order
(so they say).


How simple it is
if we allow it to be

How fragile too.

All measured in heart beats.

I don’t want much
there are no rough edges
on the contours of my need.

Say the words I want to feel
not the words you think I want to hear.
We positively resonate
and, radiate in our truths.

Tick, tock, tick, tock
that blessed clock I love to hate
beats in precise measurements
of man-made time, reminding me
I too, have numbered days.

The grey creeps up with stealth
to my crowning glory along with
a wealth of history in newest
facial lines and, bones which ache
but O, how they
love this precious gift of life.

On parallel lines of thought
and of lives between them

yes finally
they too, drew some welcome lines
(better late than never)
when, yesterday they took a man and
placed him in a small square box
for a while
(I hope)
until he faces trial.

Maybe then
and only then
with cold, hard scientific facts
and other irrefutable evidence
a jury of 12 will be tasked
to decide guilt, or not
and maybe then,

There will be justice for a child.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

None of us knows the full truth yet of what happened that night in Sanford, Florida and a person is innocent until proven guilty but I have asked myself; if this had been reversed and a black man had shot and killed a white boy through ‘standing his ground’ I don’t think they would have hesitated to have held that man in custody and, maybe even have charged him with an offence.
Sometimes the law is an ass.
The boy (as far as we know) had no weapon. The man was practically stalking him after being told by police not to follow him. The man was older, bigger, heavier and he had a gun, with no legal right to be using it at all that night. Maybe because he thought the boy was a young street ‘punk’ he was being a bully. We don’t know all the proven facts yet. So far, it is all speculation.
We don’t know if the man’s life was in danger or not.
I do feel that Trayvon Martin should not have died that night.
For the sake of his family and their peace of mind, although it won’t help bring him back to them but maybe, it will show them that their young son has not died in vain if justice is served because, it matters that it is and, his young life matters to so many people.¬†People like me, who believe ¬†racism, bigotry nor hatred for our fellow man should exist.
I hope what happened to Trayvon will bring about changes in the stupidity of a law which entitles people who feel threatened by someone to use deadly force simply because they happen to think their lives are in danger. What will they do next, allow you to kill someone because they look at you the wrong way!  That stand your ground law is ludicrous and needs to be stamped out asap.
I hope the factual truth of what happened is made public and, whatever the outcome, have to believe that justice will have been upheld.
One day (maybe) we will wake up and ‘see’ we are one race who live on this planet, the human race, and no matter our colour, our country, or beliefs, we are all a part of one family and thus, connected.

Trayvons’s life and tragic death, matters to me, as it should matter to all of us.

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Higher Learning

I watch the dance of clouds
so elegant
…they entranced.

A new season beckons
Comes in with a smile
flirts for a while
before leaving only
my reflection.

The behaviour of the butterfly
always used to baffle
Flitting here, there
desiring to be free
now I understand.

To deny truth
is to negate all responsibility
for its cause and effect


out of silence
wisdom fills the mind
with kinder thought

We teach
or, we are taught

to see the deepest scratches
of someone else’s flaws
but love them anyway

Is the lesson.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

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