A World of Peace

resized_wirhj4She lays there numb
feelings as jagged as cutting winds.
How long has it been since
she felt, anything…
…she doesn’t know or care.

Snow flakes touch her hair
her lashes
kiss her nose, her lips.

She’s fallen from the highest point
to the lowest of the low
and if she ever had a song in her heart
it no longer remembers its tune.

The essence of joy forgotten
on streets without a name
each sidewalk she trekked in the end
didn’t matter, they all look the same.

Completely unaware she’s given up
surrendered all that she is to
the cosmic love
her un-uttered prayer is heard
across silent airwaves
and soon a tower of strength
will arrive
ignoring all the track marks
and the scars of life
not caring at all that she is
damaged goods
for, she is beauty unveiled
asleep now beneath the moon
in a world of peace.


© Daydreamertoo     *All rights reserved

* Ella asked us to write something along the lines of Charles Dickens ‘A Christmas Carol’ but to end it on a happy note. Well, not everyone has a Happy Christmas and, I wanted to show how the homeless don’t find it such a wonderful time. But, I did end this happy (I think) because the girl found a happy release from her suffering.

The image is from Google images. The sad thing is, there are thousands of them.

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Oliver Twist


Early morning sunlight was slowly burning off a fog which had ransacked the night, leaving glass windows weeping in its wake. A few ill dressed folk awaited some shop owners arrivals, perhaps hoping for an interview as heavily laden barrows were pushed back into their regular spaces and readied once more to do trade. Customers soon arrived, the well-to-do chatting in confidential whispers as store keepers and barrow boys began touting their wares.
It was still such a blur to the frightened young lad who’d gulped upon seeing a glued paper sticker poster on the wall of a copper with truncheon raised chasing after a thief, but with visions of a good belt ’round his ear if he didn’t find a pocket or two to pick, he focused on the older boy beside him who was already bringing all his fake charms into pick-pocketing play.

As we just celebrated the 200th birthday of author Charles Dickens I thought I would try and do a Sunday Whirl wordle with him in mind.
So, for those who don’t already know it, this is my little bit of a make-believe interpretation from a scene from the story of Oliver Twist or, ‘The Parish boys Progress as it was originally called in 1837. It was Dickens 2nd novel published under his  pseudonym, “Boz”
This story has been turned into big screen movies several times and even a very good musical movie too.

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Great Expectations

It had seemed quite an adventure at the time as the six year old walked slippery cobbled stone streets following the signs but now as the fog began to thicken, he felt his heart beat quicken. The church stood alone with a circle of concrete stones surrounding. It was Christmas Eve and a myriad of thoughts were running through his mind. More than a little fearful a tear took the liberty of invading his eye as he pushed the creaking iron gate open wide.
Whatever had he been thinking, but then he focused thoughts to remember why he was there.
Face set as hard as those stones, he thread his way among them chastising his fear for, he was not as lost as most of his family buried here and, as if he wasn’t already spooked enough…



……..it was then the hands reached out and grabbed him.

For those who don’t know the story this is the opening scene of author Charles Dickens novel Great Expectations It’s a tale of poverty, people being sent to the poor house. A woman left standing at the altar on her wedding day whose anger became bitter and filled with spite  over the years. A boy who grew up loving the wrong young woman. It’s a story of harsh life lessons and learning them, set in Victorian England, a time when they still sent convicts on ships to penal colonies in Australia and other parts of the Empire.
I added links for you if you are interested in knowing more about Dickens or the story. It was also turned into several movies and TV series over the years.

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