She did it her way

myrepair1myrepairSo, this thing has been taken apart and put back together so many times now, I know where everything goes. It has about six different size screws, need a magnifying glass to see them and, it matters where you place them too. Now, everything works apart from I have to improve the wifi signal strength.


Thrilled to bits that I had this in pieces and got it all up and working again. I need a small part which cost about $4.00 to improve the antenna signal but, apart from that….it’s all working fabulously.
I am one happy gadget loving Bren 🙂

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iPhone DIY

Too much of a scaredy cat to take my own iPhone apart. I advertised for broken ones. Bought one that had the screen smashed, all held together with sticky tape. Took it apart, put it back together again, and it works. Now, I’m waiting for a new screen to sell it. I’m raring to go.


I didn’t want to risk losing $400 on messing up my own phone so, advertised for any broken ones to buy. The one I bought was smashed front and back but still worked although it was held together with tape. I took it apart and put it back together so many times and learned so much about what goes where and how to do this now. Am just waiting for the new screen and am raring to go and do more …lol
Such a gadget nut.

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Our cell numbers were showing unknown number. Called technical support. Told him Chloe uses hers for mainly text messaging and BBM. I backed up her phone in case she lost her messages and said that she’d sent over 1,300 in less than 2 weeks
He giggled and said “Oh my”

No wonder she wanted unlimited!


When we first got our cell phones the SIM cards would not take our numbers for some reason. It didn’t bug Chloe but it bugged me that no-one knew it was me calling them. So, I called tech support and we chatted as he tried to find a fix for the problem. We got around to discussing Chloe’s texting… he really giggled when I said how many texts she’d sent in such a short time. Thank goodness I had thought to put ‘rules’ in place about times during the day and what time of night she can be on there until or, it would probably be in the millions by now.

We are creating our own technological Frankenstein monsters…*rolls eyes* LOL

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BlackBerry Bold

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Acutely aware of the difference
between want and need
I’ve scoured the local
buy, sell, trade sites for
any bargain cell phones.

Found two that were such good buys
(after some friendly bartering)
and today, Chloe and I
sent our very first BBM’s.
(Blackberry Messenger Service)

She was jumping for joy as we
got it all set up and she began
texting all her pals to let them
know she’d joined them in their
world of cell phone instant messaging.

I’m slower than a snail when it
comes to all this tiny keys on cell phones
Heck, I’m enjoying it too and
smiled inside when I saw her
texting away and glowing
with happiness.


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*Chloe has told me for ages that if/when she got a cell phone it simply HAD to be a white Blackberry Curve because they were just the best! Until she saw the Blackberry Bold I managed to get last week, and then the Curve was no longer the best phone in the world. It took a lot of patience but, I finally got us a decent phone each and, today a decent priced monthly plan too.
BBM has just been accepted into dictionaries as a proper word… Amazing! LOL
As we go into the cooler months and then once winter arrives with the sub zero temps out in the middle of nowhere in a car, a cell phone is a must here. Until now, I’ve used an old pay-as-you-go LG phone but, I do love my gadgets 🙂

I was so thrilled to see her literally jumping for joy. Not that any of her pals would ever know she did, she’s way to cool for that…LOL Kids!~!