Where there is Love

Inside the chrysalis of earth
from origins unseen
love, is nature’s dream

Given birth and courage to dare
we become butterflies
to dance on air
for just a moment of time

a moment is eternal
past, present, future

You may say:
There is no hope
I say:
Where there’s life there’s hope
and where there is love
there is life


Love is life
Life is love.


© Daydreamertoo           *All rights reserved

*I Believe

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The Butterfly

Midway in life’s journey
somewhere between its light and shadow
we may object or, welcome
Heaven’s coming down
to remind us earthbound
the inevitability of
its cosmic truths

Sheer bloody-minded will urged
her to conquer any fear
to embrace life for what it is
neglect the ‘what if’s’

in a language of her own
and, fragment of ancient memory
through a string of unheard whispers
she reaches through the weathered despair
to connect

With the hope she’ll make contact
before the daring human
slips and falls.


© Daydreamertoo       *All rights reserved

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Summer Time

I hate the summer for all the bugs
which seem to spring from nowhere to attack
Very allergic to some bites and cannot
breathe through excessive antihistamine.

I hate the summer for all the road kills
skunks, their babies, raccoon’s, foxes
squirrels and even cats.
They each have a right to live
yet, fall victim to our need for speed.

I love the summer for the colours it brings
gardens planted… in full bloom share their
joy to please an eye which cares to gaze.

I love the summer for the warmth, not excessive
heat which drains and, cannot be escaped.

Driving home one day a big butterfly flew
straight into the car’s grill,
(convinced it was dead, the guilt I felt was immense)
25 minutes later, home, I get out and see some
pretty spotted yellow and brown wings poking
out from where hood meets grill
gently tickled at the wings to get it out
and, found it still alive.
It sat on my finger for a few moments
then, flapped its wings and flew off into
the sky

and I..

felt I had just seen one of God’s
small miracles which made (for me)
a perfect summer’s day.


© Daydreamertoo         *All rights reserved

I have an auto-immune disease (S.L.E. or, Lupus)and while there are many symptoms one is that it leaves people allergic to so many different things.  Not having been born in Canada I have no immunity to so many of the summer bugs which arrive in the heat. Mosquito’s were bad for me at one time but, I seem to be better with them this year. There’s one kind of fly which as soon as it lands on me injects some kind of venom which my body reacts instantly too and immediately comes up in a blister which unless I double dose on anti histamine for a few days quickly spreads out and threatens to turn into cellulitis. I hate the bug sprays, all those chemicals cannot be good for you to breathe in either, so, while I love the sunshine, I hate the bugs and the intense heat too.
Late spring and early autumn in Canada are mine and Chloe’s fav times. No bugs, no heat, no ice, no snow. LOL

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Naked Thought


All doors open
Not a new concept
but in keeping with old
indomitable truth’s tradition.

Through crystal glass windows
(some might call a diverse dverse)
I’ve seen rainbow colour prisms,
share their kaleidoscopic rays
as yet, unscathed by
strife scratched days.

Where Angels must dream
in my sky of satin blue
I too, am so aware
that a single drop of H2O
holds all of universal time
and DNA strands are
as powerful now as in their
unique and ancient creation
almighty, but yet
as delicate as a butterfly
sits upon the hip
of life.


© Daydreamer Too        *All rights reserved

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