There is an original song that I always loved by Bob Dylan called ‘Knocking on Heavens Door’ (Beautiful song )  and then an artist called Gabrielle did a new song in 2000 but with part of Bob Dylan’s music included in it. It’s this one in the video.
I’ve always loved the line:
‘Look at my hopes, look at my dreams, I’m building bridges from these scenes now, I’m ready to rise again.’

Too lost in you
wanting to believe
now, free from always wondering

reflection shows a wiser face
experience written in each
new line
and, a smile hides the sadness.

Forgiveness is paramount
to moving forward
and time turns lies to
specks of dust wiped away
with slips of ragged cloth
from those pieces of my heart.

How fragile we are.

we weave that fabric back together
sewing hope within its folds.

Each heartache and pain
if not about others
then, something we didn’t
know about ourselves
and, when we have learned


we are ready to rise again.


© Daydreamertoo                   *All rights reserved

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