When the world closes in
(as it frequently can)
lost, once again.
Caught in the headlights
panic will rise

Hard to release
let go of it all
heart beat increase
feeling so small
paralysing fear
claustrophobia arrives
choking the mind

That’s when our power
of free-will can kick in
to make sense of the nonsense
adjusting our fluid
to the rhythm of life
turning our trials to blue.

Blue for the sky
blue for the sea
blue for the peace
residing in me.

My soul-swims in blue

Surrounding myself in your
tranquil hue
I think my way back
to serenity.


© Daydreamertoo            *All rights reserved

Everything I love is blue.  It’s always been my fav colour.

Shared with With Real Toads Based on ‘Blue’ a song by The Jayhawks

Color of Pain

If pain had a color
what color would it be.

She told me pain is blue.


Everything I’ve ever
loved is blue.

The sky.

The sea.

The quiet moods in me.

All thought in shades
and tranquil hues
of blue.

But insistant
she cried out loud.

As high
as the storm and gathering

“Bren, I know what colour
pain is, and it’s



© Daydreamertoo      *All rights reserved

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Electric Blue

Somewhere in time
I plucked a feather
from the ground

maybe it was mine
from once owning broken wings


I’ve let go the past

Put it in a box
tucked that box away
amongst all the other

It’s a new dawn
of a new day

The sun shines
(I’m alive)

The sea moves me
(in waves I can’t describe)

The wind blows
(sometimes harsh at play)

Days keep coming
(I’m alive)

I’ve got energy and
lightening in my veins

In fact

everything I love’s



Electric Blue


© Daydreamertoo    *All rights reserved

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