Positive Thinking

He walks.
Stops, enjoys what he enjoys
Watching the moon still up and
I try to avoid the minefield
left behind by other visitors.

He wanders as far as the line allows

a single starling tweets from above
pretty, uplifting tunes.
So safe and yet, not safe at all from
hungry crows who sit there waiting
silent, on parallel lines.

Ancient life on fire
so beautiful, captured by me
Permitted to grow among the
concrete dead, amidst metal and plastic
where, on warmer days than these
children play so unaware of life
lost in the thrill of their moments.

A sharp tug reminds

He demands attention
pulls me up from the casual swim
of flowing waters into which I sank
most willing.

I smile at his joys.
Wants and needs so simple
…as indeed, are mine
Aware that fresh made coffee
now in the pot


© Daydreamertoo     *All rights reserved

I had to ‘Google’ what post modern poetry is. It seems it’s about nothing. Abstract thinking. Surreal. Not making any sense. lol…I hardly ever make any sense… so, here’s my effort.

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Contemplating Life

A bit like:
‘Why did the chicken’
they cross the road around
the same time year after year
the grass is always greener.
Wishful thinking?

Cringing at the thought of crunching
I zig zag like a drunk driver would
but, it’s safe to do it here without
fear of causing harm or, calamity.

This may be their last escape
before death comes calling
everything has a reason for existing
…even them.

Zig zags back and forth completed
seeing no more
my gaze falls upon the trees
on either side of the road
Yes, autumn is in full swing now
colours so vibrant at their last
and suddenly I see the one lone
fire tree
bright bright red, colour of my passion
touch my heart and smile
remember waking up to the magic
of life, thank the Gods and you
for opening my eyes

I think of all the caterpillars
that I didn’t just kill and
thrill at the marvel of creation
as I drive a few more miles.


© Daydreamertoo      All rights reserved

*Yes, I do zig zag to not run over caterpillars crossing the road. As long as there is no other traffic on the road at the time.  Crazy… maybe.. lol

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Tryst with Destiny

© A wooded path in autumn Brendekilde

Mist comes down but
she walked through her own
clouds of trepidation
on crisp, crackling leaves
which played their last musical
notes underfoot.

She waits on the seat
serene and still in Autumn’s chill.
Her romantic tryst with destiny
has as yet, to be.

She hasn’t cheated on her husband
nor betrayed family
but when he is cold, sterile
and new eyes engage, sparkle
The heart begins to breathe once more
and play impromptu rhythms.

Life isn’t about what happens to you
it’s about how you handle it.

At last after years of marital suppression
after years of being taken for granted
maybe she waits for the comfort
of true love.

And yet
…and yet.


© Daydreamertoo      *All rights reserved

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Ad Infinitum

In shriveling leaves I leave
my yesterdays to
another place in time
to lay within their cool
crisp, morning grasp.

Autumn begins to change into
her cloak of many colours
each, a pure beauty to behold
despite unwelcome new chills.

So many questions, still
and yet
we cannot really ask the questions
until the answers are known.

I meditate
gaze into a powerful silence
hold a million thoughts
inside those leaves which
dance upon the breeze.

You take your leave
in silent ways too
new splashes of colour appear
and none can stop the changing

Life spins in endless cycles
of birth, life, death
as our spirits too flow

ad infinitum.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

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Red Symbolism

So beautiful
this bright red leaf
passion lying there
on the ground

I feel coolness beginning now
snap at naked heels
Mornings arrive
but the sun takes a while
to say ‘hello’
as mist marches down the path
like ghost’s I’ve loved
come from the past
all arriving at once

Overwhelmed in the floating grey
I watch it hide trees from view
and fight an insipid autumn sun
for possession of her sky


nature sings its song
through thickness of the stew
ignoring all the ghost’s still
intent on play
but the sun in all her glory
was stronger than its might
and won the fight without a
word to say.

Trees shook off their shroud
and once again stood proud

The red leaf is dying
life goes on and
the past we’ve known is simply
somewhere we have been.


© Daydreamertoo                  *All rights reserved

*Yesterday I saw the most perfect red leaf on the ground. Not a bit of it was any other colour but red. I thought it so beautiful but, was reminded it was also so sad because it was so beautiful in its dying.

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Poets United Autumn


Autumn leaves begin to fall
varying colour every day
preparing for the change of season.

I do not yearn for this new season
adequate temperatures will soon fall
beyond the comfort of bones through each day.

But, time marches on, hour by hour day by day
and nature needs her time to rest from summer’s busy season
just wish I could hibernate through winter after fall.

Early fall is beautiful but day surrenders light to rapid cooling change of season.

© Dayreamertoo *All rights reserved

*The leaves are starting to fall. I saw some on the grass this morning one, covered in raindrops from last nights rain, so beautiful but, was also reminded that Autumn is on its way and all too soon after it, comes the long (and dreaded) ice/snow and sub zero temps of winter and I hate the shorter daylight hours too.

Had to study this form and needed to understand it in easy language. I found this Tritina explanation pretty clear and followed it. Hope I did it properly.

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An autumn breeze came
blowing in across my thoughts
Lingered there, ruffled my hair as
I continued to walk my walk.

Ask me how I feel.
No don’t, for I may yet tell.

The knowing hurts
the not knowing
…even more.

It’s the living years
you see.
Oh, yes those living years.
The ones we feel the most
because we keep their tears
for souvenirs
On days like these
as memory fades
a breeze arrives gently
to remind.


© Daydreamertoo         *All rights reserved

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Endless Whispers

Tick tock, tick tock
the clock on the wall never stops.
Time marches into tomorrow
regardless of whether I can
keep up with it or, not.

Home is where the heart is 
I wish you could know
how those words fall
like heaven in my hurricane.

They are each a ryhthm of tides
to quell passion’s endless quest
searching for fulfillment.

In Autumn’s first fresh kiss
I feel you arrive
touch my cheek with cool fingertips
as I’m re-living the melancholy in
kaleidoscopic colour.

Through new seasons of love
in other circles of light
I pay yet more heed to your
string of endless whispers.

© Daydreamertoo   *All rights reserved

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Kiss the Rain

Autumn’s leaves changing
leaves me
feeling restless.

I’ll miss the summer’s warmth.

They’re dying on the ground
and soon I’ll be surrounded.

Each one, reminds.

Other’s dance by my window
I watch the rains arrive


it’s pitter-patter, splatter
soft, upon my thoughts of yesterday.

Were they yesterdays or, so
long ago it sometimes seems
like forever now.
If I die young, remember
we’re here for really
just a moment in time.

Rain always soothes the ache
I can’t describe

I’ll try to harmonise
let the peaceful
sounds caress

better yet…

It can wash thought clean of pain
I’ll go outside and

Kiss the blessed Rain.


© Daydreamertoo      *All rights reserved


*106 words + prompt*
If I have nowhere in particular to go, I’ve always loved walking in a gentle rain. Soft rain, warm rain. 
Water of any type anywhere that I can see, hear or watch its movement, has always been like a soothing balm to me.

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