Aung San Suu Kyi of Burma

Reaching through a fettered mist
trying to touch others whose
thoughts were also attuned
she knew

eyes that have no blinds
see truth
false flattery cannot hide behind
its own painted smile reflection.

A glimpse behind the mask
showed a woman with a task
who could not be deterred
and broken but not bowed
she vowed to call for


the powers that be tried their
best to supress
arrested her for calling for
Their message crystal clear
and, would cut as clean.

Defiant through passive resistance
and Nobel Peace compliant
she waged a bloodless war against
corruption and oppression.

For fifteen years out of twenty one
she was under house arrest
denied those rights
we mostly take for granted

Although free to roam in each room
of her home
behind walls of brick
or walls of glass
it still remained her prison.


© Daydreamertoo    *All rights reserved

Inspired by Aung San Suu Kyi also known as Daw Suu by the Burmese (or Amay Suu, lit. “Mother Suu,”) by some followers.
For passively fighting for democracy for her country she has been placed under house arrest on numerous occasions since she began her political career, totalling 15 of the past 21 years. In 1991 Aung San Suu Kyi was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.
Her story is one of courage and of determination and is told in many books by many authors, songs and now a new movie just released called ‘The Lady’
Burma is trying to become and, to be seen internationally as a democracy and, she now enjoys her freedom at long last.

I felt this story fitted in with Poets United theme this week of Glass Houses (my thinking was, even a glass house could still be a prison if you were in it under house arrest and also, in the UK it’s what they call a soldier being put into a prison in army terms, as being sent to ‘the glass house’)

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