Mighty man of old
how could you be so bold
in siding with other Titans
against the Olympian Gods
whence you clashed, and lost.

you kneel to better bear the burden
of your brazen foolishness
whilst some were sent to Tartarus
you are tasked to hold the Heavens forever
leaving mortals such as I
to ponder the origins of your birth
when you, Zeus and the other ancient Gods
walked upon the earth.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

This Farnese sculpture  created in marble in the 2nd century is the oldest one known of Atlas and many (like myself) used to think he was holding up the world, hence the expression: ‘Carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders, when in fact, having lost the battle to take Olympus from Zeus he was tasked to Hold up the sky to ensure that the Heavens and Earth would never meet


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Twilight of the Gods


With flowing grace
she moves in
shape shifting shadows
across a lazy haze
of sweeping sands.

An alluring beat
entreats me (a mere mortal)
to hunger for her
every new day

To see her glorious
chariot of fire cross
cerulean skies
Leaving tears behind
in reflections that
form in the stillness
of streams
after waterfalls.

Destiny awaits
and nothing is impossible
as long as we believe

One touch

One fleeting glance
ahead to infinity
suffice to know
there is no fate but
that which we make

We are the circle

no beginning

no end

sharing in

The twilight of the Gods


© Daydreamer Too      *All rights reserved