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Passing strangers in the street
I catch their eye and share eternity
in that instantaneous connection.
Somehow I can feel them
behind the facade.
I’m altogether fascinated and scared
because I too, know the fear
they do not reveal.

Well heeled or, homeless
each give out the same aura.
A wave of despair
an isolated sadness.

Amid a sea of souls
am I the odd one out
as I try to find my own way
through a maze of hearts
which ache
yet show smiles to the world
they know and believe is
their reality.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

There are often times when I pass strangers in the street, both well-to-do or, downtrodden (there’s no distinction) that I have a sudden overwhelming rush of their emotions wash right over me. Happy or sad, the sense of their emotions is truly overwhelming. It’s as if in an instant flash I can feel their deepest sadness or fear, because I feel it too.
Crazy I know, but some friends tell me it is empathy. I just accept that it is what it is and, as I feel it coming to me from them I try to catch their eye and maybe give back a positive light in my thoughts as I do.

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