The First of Many

I had kept an online journal for a few years but, decided it was time I joined the blogging world. I’m a lover, a writer, a poet, a self-taught computer/cell phone tech and gadget freak.
At 17…. I voluntarily enlisted in the Women’s Royal Army Corps (W.R.A.C.)  I’ve driven a red, Double decker bus and worked for the Police Force.
In Jan of 2002 I moved from England to cross the Atlantic to make a life with my partner. She passed away and after raising my late life-partners child, I now want to get back into my writing.
I am spiritual but, do not follow any organised religion.If you want to join me on my path then, please do~!
Please note:
All writings are protected under © copyright of their original author. If I am not the author, full credit is given to the writer who is.  Any writing appearing on my blog that bears my © copyright is protected. This includes photographs and any other forms of authorship protected by my © copyright.  Copying of my work is prohibited, unless you ask and I give my permission.  Respectfully, thank you.  Bren.

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