Mata Hari

With grace, charm and seductive moves which
also moved her audience into unbearable frenzy
she had European upper-crust eating from the
palm of her hands

Like willows in a breeze their fever
for her rose, ready to explode as she
removed herself from sheathes
of loose, undulating clothes.

But soon other real charges were laid
no mending fences between
warring factions and, no defense
on her behalf was made by
countless uniformed lovers
on all sides of the war.

Leaves rustle as a dawn firing squad
stood in solid line
Twelve men, brittle, unbending
as the sword dropped and, before
bullets whistled their piercing screams
Mata Hari blew them all a kiss.


  © Daydreamertoo        *All rights reserved

Mata Hari’s story has always fascinated me.  That she was a consummate seductress and enjoyed many sexual relationships with multiple men in uniform is never in doubt but, it has never really been proven if she truly was a spy, a double agent, or not. Apparently there are secret documents that will be opened to public view in 2017 which may set the record straight about her spying both for the French, Germans and the English during World War One. Some say she was just ‘set up’ and that the man who could clear her name wouldn’t testify for fear of being arrested himself.
The French tried her as a spy, found her guilty and it’s said that she refused the blindfold or to be tied, she wanted to look them in the eyes and, she blew them a kiss. Who knows… she was one fiesty woman though.

You can read about her here Mata Hari or on Wikipedia



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Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

31 thoughts on “Mata Hari”

  1. Exquisite! This was fascinating – I must learn more about her – the end reminds me of the end of “Monsieur Verdoux.” (See it, if you haven’t.)

    1. I just googled that name. I’ll have a read about it later. Glad you enjoyed this. She’s always intrigued me because she was so liberated, for that time. A true free spirit but, she had so many lovers on all sides in the war, which obviously led to being accused of spying. I hope when those papers are made public we finally come to know the truth. Whatever is it, she died bravely.

  2. Wow. I love this piece, especially the ending:

    “as the sword dropped and, before
    bullets whistled their piercing screams
    Mata Hari blew them all a kiss.”

  3. great poem! and photo! thanks for the background info ~ i knew some of it, but not the details of her death.

  4. Thank you for the poem, I find it a bit odd though, that before I read your poem, I had just finished reading and article about her. Do you believe in coincidence?

  5. Brenda, what a fascinating tale! I didn’t know this and I love that kind of feisty attitude–thank you for a wonderful poem and story 🙂

  6. intriguing character.and somehow she always reminds me of Greta Garbo who seemed equally enigmatic.interesting read.

  7. Wow. Bravo to her for blowing them a kiss. I can only imagine what gesture today’s young woman might send in a similar situation. Hee hee.

  8. I love that she blew a kiss… how awesome is that, what a powerful spirit and statement. I know nothing about Mata Hari and now you’ve stoked my interest.

  9. Bren, a seductive write on a mysterious bit of history. I didn’t know about the documents being revealed in 2017. Thanks for that.


  10. I enjoy how you take reality and weave to make history something that can be enjoyable. And your process notes add so much. I enjoy when I have to do research now to make sure what I’m writing is in fact what I remember. I had to do that today for a Limerick series over at Mad Kanes (political humor blog).

    I didn’t think of ‘Q’ until I wrote my wordle. It is fun to see where the Wordle list will take all of us. Thanks for your visit.

  11. ha i love that she blew a kiss right before death…what an attitude….will be pretty cool to see what the documents unveil for sure…it is a fascinating tale…

  12. “she had European upper-crust eating from the
    palm of her hands

    “Like willows in a breeze their fever
    for her rose, ready to explode . . .”

    I loved the idea of her food (crust) eating, and other seductive moves you make in this poem which undresses her and then closes in on the kiss. Your poem suggests a Joan of Arc in her, that war killed what war feared. As was feared in the moon landing–that opening in 2017 may take some of the magic from her image and some of the tragedy from her execution.

  13. As a young woman, I enjoyed the intrigue of Mata Hari. Thank you for pulling her up to the present moment for me, Bren. Seductive write.

  14. Yeah but then can you believe what/if they reveal in 2017? Who knows I suppose. She sure didn’t back down from anything though.

  15. I enjoyed this poem, Bren. One does wonder what will be revealed in 2017. She definitely must have been a seductress par excellence to have ‘accomplished’ what she did, even if half of it is true!

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