Pure Thought

phoenix1Shake off yesterday
rake through its ashes
and use them to fertilise
tomorrows dreams.

The undying flame



Never extinguished.

A friend said:
‘She killed you’


maybe she killed me


love doesn’t quit.

Drums kept the rhythm
of my heartbeat steady
as her arrows continued
to pierce the skin.

Love is
in the waves continual roll
and, clouds have stolen my thunder
for their own nefarious

There’s great power in surrender.

Submitting all will
to the higher ‘One’

 gaining back in return

Pure Thought.

© Daydreamer *All rights reserved

This is just some jumbled thoughts on someone who drained me, emotionally. I gave too much of myself to in so many ways but was never given loyalty or, even honesty in return. But, we always tend to rise out of negativity.