A World Apart


Shall I cry the lonely tear
see it fall
then follow it to
empty hands.
watch its plop
and spray

The days of tears are
long gone.

Minds meet and souls greet
such a welcome home to love.

No more oppression
nor helplessness
as distance dulls

Leaves a healing
span between,
and all of guilt
slips free.

There are no broken wings
or promises


there is a knowing held between
the breeze and I
that will fly in silence
to some distant shore on
an endless breath of time.

Barefoot in the sand
I lazily traced

a wish

a dream

and comes a chance for change
that may turn days
upside down.

Footsteps to the unknown.

Fear reaches for its key
but, I hold back on its
permission to pass.

Lapping at warm skin
water slaps atop the rocks

My ears attend those
deepest churns and gurgles as nature
attempts this impossible embrace
acutely aware
the liquid always pulls me in.

A seagull dives from the sky
into blue and,
all without fear

as I…

As I
a world apart

prepare to dive back into my own.


©Daydreamer      *All rights reserved

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.