tumblr_m52hbriJel1rwzae7o1_500I’m listening as it falls
in splats, sploshes and spits
against the glass then, down
into puddles and pools
to eventually drain and begin
the cycle again.

Sometimes a curse when
it shares too much of itself
Sometimes a curse when
doesn’t give enough.

Snow is beautiful as it
falls in silent dance
but, rain has music in all
of its noise.

Magic plays in each
drip-drop, splashing sound
seeps its way into my mind
to share a symphony of
Mother Nature’s blessings.

I’ll never curse the rain
for sharing the gift of
her presence.


© Daydreamertoo       *All rights reserved

*So far, we’ve had two lots of snow. The last one we’ve had to shovel out from. I love seeing the snow but, hate shoveling, cold and ice too. Today it’s pouring down. 7c above zero but… I’m not complaining at all. 🙂 A White Christmas (for me) belongs on TV these days and, my bones and Timmy (the dog) agree.

Shared with dVerse Poets Poetics: Presents/Presence

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

31 thoughts on “Rain”

  1. you have not enjoyed rain when it falls on tin roofs of patched up mud homes on a country side, where you have to place buckets here and there so it won’t get under your cot! lol. I love rain but it can be a pain.

  2. I think this is my favorite of your poems. I love it, especially the first stanza. Very good!

  3. like siggi my favorite lines are ‘rain has music in all its noise’.. that is definitely true..
    right now, we are having flash flood warnings on TV for our areas.. we do have a creek nearby which has always been dry as far back as I can remember and today, there is about 6 ft of water – the kids enjoyed watching it and are enjoying the puddles..

  4. ..i like the presence of rain too…most probably because we don’t have the snow here yet i think you were right in all your understanding of its silent dance… scenes like this were truly a money-deaf gift of nature…

    Merry Christmas to you and family…


  5. I’ve lived in a few places where ‘drought’ made for restrictive water usage. I love the rain. I’ve written about rain many times, but I think you can always find something new in the endless rhythm that rain gifts us with.


  6. Ah, perhaps you have never lived through torrential monsoons with devastating floods — I have cursed the rain. Natures cares not for us. But I love pretending like she does!

    Very fun read — even silent snow can be deadly.

  7. I love the rain, and yes it’s presence would be most welcome here at the moment…maybe I could recite your poem and do a bit of rain dance and get a bit of respite from the heat 😉 Anyway a lovely poem and the picture has a cooling presence anyway…wishing you, your family and little dog the best for Christmas and the New Year 🙂

  8. really nice response, love the musicality you detailed here. Very nicely done. Hope you and yours have a very merry Christmas. Thanks

  9. Yes, rain is a savior! And the sound of falling rain is so much music to the ear. Merry Christmas to you Bren!


  10. we’ve been in a major drought for over a decade, but have actually gotten some decent rain the past few months so it is a welcome sound here in the desert, too.

    wishing you the happiest of holidays, Bren!

  11. Ah yes – snow is always so much prettier from a safe distance… Hope it doesn’t spoil your holidays too much Bren.

    Lovely poem – we have floods in my part of the UK right now, so it’s VERY relevant!

  12. “rain has music in all of its noise”… rain always does it for me and I wish it would rain here but all it’s been is hot, hot, hot! I would love to experience a cold Christmas one day:)

    I really enjoyed this piece. I love the use of alliteration and onomatopoeia used throughout. A beautiful poem about one of “Mother Nature’s blessings”.
    Have a happy Christmas 🙂

  13. just wonderful… i love the rain!! enjoyed this very much!
    “rain has music in all
    of its noise”
    so true.
    thank you, Bren!

  14. The beauty of nature sung by the rain.

    There is beauty in you words and I love the idea of the rain sharing the gift of her presence.

    Have a wonderful Christmas.

    Anna :o]

  15. nice…i love the rain….i would love snow all the more, just saying right now….but rain does make some nice music on the window and on a kettle sitting out there….seriously would love some snow by christmas though

  16. Lovely perspective:

    Snow is beautiful as it
    falls in silent dance
    but, rain has music in all
    of its noise.

    I hope you have a very happy holiday!!

  17. Rain I will take anyday, still no snow at our bay, some a bit off from me. But it can stay there and leave me be.

  18. I enjoyed this, Bren. I wonder if you are getting the rain we got a few days ago that would have been about 15 inches of snow had it fallen in that form! Most parts of our state DID receive a load of snow, so I was thankful for the gift of rain…….with only SOME snow arriving later!

  19. bren this is lovely…a symphony of
    Mother Nature’s blessings.. def. music in the rain..though i love the snow’s silent fall as well… it rained all afternoon over here..so i can sing along with you…smiles

  20. “Snow is beautiful as it
    falls in silent dance
    but, rain has music in all
    of its noise.”

    I love the above passage,
    the part
    “….rain has music in all
    of its noise.”
    is what I really relate to.

    Thank you.

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