A Good Day

mornmist_image (1)A whistling wind whips up everything
including one of my garbage bins.
I hear the clunk, bang, slam
echo through the walls as it crashes
to the frozen ground

the dog still wants his walk
before the snow.
Camouflage jacket in place
the wind’s outrage is no hardship
to him as off he goes.
I hold his retractable leash
and follow, treading softly, slowly
around ice
(left overs from snow the other day)
aware there is more due to arrive.

My teen walks with us to the end
of the road
a quick kiss to the cheek and off
she goes to await her school bus
as Tim and I meander.

Skies are dull, dark white to grey
tree branches dance, writhe, sway
groan and moan to the song of the wind
as I pass a few women
coffee cups in hand
a man espies Timmy
gives a big smile and says:
“Good morning.”
I smile in reply ‘Morning” I say
(knowing he’s right) because
despite the expected snow
I’ll make it a good day.


© Daydreamertoo    *All rights reserved

Shared with Three Word Wednesday CCCV111 Echo. Hardship. Softly
Poetry Jam A Walk to Inspire

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

28 thoughts on “A Good Day”

  1. I say (knowing he’s right) because
    despite the expected snow
    I’ll make it a good day

    Even if the cold and snow are expected, psyching oneself that it’ll be a good day makes life bearable. Nicely Bren!


  2. I took the walk along with you…so far no snow but cold wind here ~

    We are expecting snow though tomorrow…yikes….

  3. Brrr…icy, cold, but good…I like that, choosing to make it a good day. Definitely felt like I was on the walk too…could feel the bitter cold and wind…could see the coffee cups, steam rising. And the image of your dog in his camo jacket is too dang cute.

  4. Loved your last line! Sometimes it’s hard to get out there to walk my dogs on those cold mornings, but they do lift your spirits once you get out!

  5. Enjoyed this snow walk with you Bren. As you walk with the teen to the school bus, I walk back with my kids from the school bus… something connects our walk… 🙂

  6. Bren, such a vivid description, I feel my feet crunch in the snow. 🙂 I was out walking with my dogs this morning too–only it was 80 degrees!

  7. That is one really cold photograph and the poem too makes me feel like a need another sweater! Like the description of the branches and the dull skies too.

  8. Love the positivity of the ending of this poem. Was with you on the walk thanks to all the everyday details that you described so vividly. Enjoy the snow!

  9. Wonderful imagery.

    Here in SE MI it’s dull overcast 40F. Not much like real winter so far.
    I suppose it’s coming.


  10. Yeah have to accept the garbage white stuff I suppose, I’ll be a hermit and be happy with that, unless I have to go out into it, then pfft, no happiness for me haha

  11. When in doubt we can always look to our furry friends..they have that ‘thing’ inside which melts the chilliest thoughts and days..and i do hope it is a good day..

  12. it is good to be out…to see others….to be alive in the world…despite the wind…and ice…do be careful though on that…and i know the pups appreciates…i am walking myself just a bit down the road…on the other side…smiles….good morning…

  13. Lovely peep into your life! The narrator’s journey seems voluntary but it isn’t. She helps them and they help her navigate through ice still in place from past storms and the future storm as they all enter the goodness of morning. Because of the season, the poem feels like a rewrite of “The Christmas Carol.”

  14. Ha ha, we have no choice except to accept what the day brings weatherwise. Good philosophy….whatever the weather brings to make it a good day! You are a better ‘dog mom’ than I am this season though. Luckily my dogs don’t DEMAND walks. I should walk at least two of them though…..but I just get so cold myself, and they have very little fur as well. I keep saying….tomorrow. Our skies have been dull for a few weeks. I hate most of all the lack of sun!

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