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I have
walked through the fires of hell
left its ash behind in random new footsteps
going back into other rays of light

been shaken by dreams in distant hills
and valleys of my mind and

resolved to learn from the salt taste of tears
delivered in revelations that
love should have no expectation

and, in all truth
am mysteriously drawn to
answers on the wind
without ever understanding
the question.


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*This is just a scattering of thought as I’m still deeply affected and grieving for the senseless and needless loss
of all those beautiful, innocent lives taken in Sandy Hook

Shared with dverse Poets OepnLinkNight #75

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

32 thoughts on “Why”

  1. So much beauty produced from the hearts and minds of poets and writers in response to the tragedy. You’ve added to the light with this one, and that is invaluable.

  2. that final stanza is amazing! i seldom understand the question or the answer, if there is one.

    Happy Holidays, Bren!

  3. I find myself always with the questions. It felt a bit like we were walking through those fires this past week, it’s just heartbreaking. May we all find the answers we need to make sure this never happens again.

  4. This is so beautiful… I loved the last stanza especially… it speaks to me of a different kind of understanding, that of the soul or the heart…

  5. The final stanza wraps this all up nicely– and something that I can relate to, listening for answers without ever knowing the question. ~ Jason

  6. I just read the headline the other day and refuse to learn more about it … witnessed a stabbling in my school in 1970 … still chewing on that one.

  7. I am with you. It is impossible to take in, and the fragility of life unbearable. So stupid and crazy. Hard hard hard to get over – and I don’t even have anyone personally involved. So so sad. Well-expressed. k.

  8. Sometimes, our random thoughts make more sense than the ones we seem to think are ordered. When something so senseless and evil occurs, how are we expected to make sense of it and speak of it in complete sentences. I surely don’t know.

  9. the answers on the wind are the best kind…no commitment intended, and much better than dwelling on the questions…way to many this week to even begin…

  10. Love should have no expectations…the answer to the vital question…the one we refuse to understand….

  11. love should have no expectation…that’s the heart for me here because it is so true…and then some of the questions just seems to answer themselves..love the closure as well

  12. Love should have no expectation, but it does. And I know those parents all expected their children to be with them at the holiday and beyond. So very sad.

  13. Always the question will be there as long as such things occur, sadly they don’t seem to be stopping either, hopefully soon people will wise up.

  14. I love those lines best, too…….answers on the wind when we dont know the questions is actually the best we can do right now. Beautiful, Bren. How is Chloe with what has happened?

  15. Yes Yes! How you found words for this, in the wind with-out, in the still small voice with-in! Every single word of this poem drew me toward embracing it: the walk through hell ash towards the mountains of dreams, always on the path with tears and laughter unwrapping the truth as you go. Thank you. My new favorite!

  16. drawn to answers on the wind that you dont even have questions for yet…this is life in many ways teaching us things we did not know to ask yet….learning from the salt of tears as well…hard to know how to respond you know…

  17. “am mysteriously drawn to
    answers on the wind
    without ever understanding
    the question.”

    I hope the world becomes a better place to live in !!!

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