Star Child

StarChild1Child of the stars
reaching for the light
darling of the Gods
eyes so big, so bright.

Don’t settle for the Earth
nor sorry tales of woe
onward….ever onward
you must strive to reach
your goals.

Naked you arrived with
the gift of forward sight.
You know you own the future
it is yours by right.

What stories you could tell
if never taught to speak
using thought to communicate
history that you keep inside
your mind.

You find such fascination in all
that you survey and yet you
are the miracle in your own
fantastic way.

Universal life is yours from
your given day of birth
but you must learn your value
seek to find your worth.

Eat from the tree of knowledge
grow strong in the name of love
For love is power…
Love is might.
Purest energy of all
the light of love.

Child of the stars
the Gods blessed you this day
and gave you all the light
you need, to help you on
your way.

© Daydreamertoo      *All rights reserved

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