Writing in the Margins

world jumble words[8]Words take shape
in the margins of my mind

in its labyrinths and dusty corners
lurking there behind shadows waiting
to become what they are meant to be

Sometimes wings
which lift, sift, flutter, fly

Sometimes waves which rise up
rage, ripple, roll.

My words sometimes dance
close, rhythmic, heated and sensual
across a waiting page.

Taking shape and form
as soon as they are born

petals in the sun
or, under snow
tremble at the touch
so do my words reflect their joy
when I think of home
knowing there is love.


© Daydreamertoo           *All rights reserved

*This came about because I saw a question asking people to write where their words for their poetry come from

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Carry on Tuesday #183 When I think of home

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

33 thoughts on “Writing in the Margins”

  1. I just love the notion that words have a life of their own – even when we are reading them.

  2. I like the colour and design of your word knits. Words are little beasties power packed ammunition in the hands of a wordsmith. Conveyors of both love and hate. Knitting them together takes skill. Lovely poem. Home is where love and caring is even it is with only two pussy cats or a ferret:)

  3. stunning. I can picture the words in all their forms making their way through every crevice and taking shape on the page.

  4. Words creep up on me at times – and then refuse to go away until I write them down. Thanks for the insight into your creative process.

  5. Gorgeous, with great pic. But I don’t feel what you do — I can tell there is a difference. Ideas do that for me — connections, meaning. Words must be coaxed — they float up in several languages, metaphors all competing to express language before it is language. Yuan.

    Great read. thanx for making me think.

  6. hmm..wordpress behaves strange..think it just ate my comment…never mind…love how you weave the words so vividly in this…making them fly and dance and wave, having a life on their own, supported by the pen of a talented artist…i like

  7. “Home” and “love” – two strong words meaning “life” only if they are bonded with each other…….
    Beautiful poem Daydreamer…….

  8. Thanks for your visit to my story wordle. Yin and Yang, dark and light, life and death, love and dislike. It is a very different view from a dark mind. Villains think perhaps that much is owed to them? I had to stop watching the show ‘Dangerous Minds’ because as you say their altered or different realities depend on darkness – which could be interpreted as evil when in conflict with light and living.

    Thanks for sharing your word play. I am not sure where all my words come from. I give credit to my muse…but then just who is the Muse but our words in the margins waiting to come out and play? 🙂

  9. Words many times have their own mind, I think. And yes, it is in the margins of the mind that they join together and form ideas and are eventually put down as a poem. And, I liked the last stanza. Makes me think that home IS where love is! A fine write.

  10. haha fun i love it…the words in the corners of the mind like a labyrinth ready to come forth if we seek them…i like the wings and waves as well…nice contrast that…and what a warm close in the love of home…magic bren

  11. I like when that happens, when they rush needing to use me to come to light. Of late, I am losing my words, they don’t come or when they do, they don’t come out right which saddens me. It feels like they sure come to us and not from us doesn’t it?

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