O, Christmas Tree

004Each year they take me apart
lay me in a box
hide the box away under the stairs
forget about me
until it’s ‘that time’
to bring me out again
box, a bit more battered
still smelling sweet from the
pine car freshener they
thought to pin inside
my deepest branches.

They take me out piece by piece
lay me on the floor
in colour coded piles

this bits going here
that bit going there
parts of me growing now
a little worse for wear
I’m still not doing badly
for an artificial tree
and if you don’t believe

take a look at me


ยฉ Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved


We put the tree up today and unpacked some of the stuffed Christmas toys and things. More to do but we. and even poor Tim had, had enough for one day.
The tree has been going now for about 15 years. Each year Chloe has gone from adding one unbreakable ornament as a toddler to now helping put the whole thing up, which usually takes us hours…lol

Shared with dVerse Poets Poetics: First person narrative

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

26 thoughts on “O, Christmas Tree”

  1. Christmas is so pretty with all the decorations. I miss that. In FL not many decorate for me to enjoy. I hope the tree makes it for another 15 years, continuity, I like! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I wonder what that tree does in that cupboard all year, what thoughts fill its mind, what plans and schemes it is hatching. Nice use of an unusual viewpoint … drew me in right from the start

  3. I love using the tree here, came out great. You know, we had a tree, the same one, for the first 22 years of my life. I still remember how torn my mother was when it was falling apart those last couple years, black tape holding it together at places. I never understood why, but I guess they got it a few weeks after she came home from the hospital with me, and that obvious connection rang deeper in her than it being a tree. I love how in your comments you mention chloe was just small and now she’s helping out with putting it up. Kind goes with how my mother saw the tree. Really nice. Thanks

  4. …oh, speaking in behalf of a tree… what a nice persona you incorporated… too sad to think how things were remembered and valued only when we needed ’em… great write or much better said a tribute for a seasonal pleasure… smiles…

  5. Don’t know much about about X-Mas and trees … but so enjoy your post … have an itty bitty fibre optic tree (I call it my psychedelic tree ๐Ÿ™‚ … Theo, my new stray cat is mesmerized by it … wishing you and Chloe a very happy and quiet X-mas season. Love, cat.

  6. The tree AND your room look beautiful and homey – lovely tones in the floor……..the video is cool, looks like Timmy is manning the laptop?????? Is he skyping Lindy?

  7. Sounds like us last weekend. Great perspective… and how clever to include the pine air freshener. Your tree is lovely.

  8. I think the pup was looking at you until you told him to admire the tree. Neat choice for first person–a thing that enjoys serving and at least once a year, though battered, knows it is still loved.

  9. I should be sorting limbs in color-coded piles. I feel like you have described my yearly ritual. I need to try that pine tree air freshener…hadn’t thought of that.

  10. haha sounds like quite the task indeed. But one strong tree that has been around through thick and thin, surely deserves a win.

  11. I like the voice of the plastic Christmas tree….thanks for giving us a warm glimpse of your home and dog ~

    Happy weekend Bren ~

  12. I love the poem from the trees perspective… since 1965, I have had only 2 artificial trees … until I moved in with my daughter and she was still using tree number two at that time, a tattered 35 years old. There was a comfort in knowing where the special ornaments went (the ones up high so the children couldn’t reach them).
    Your tree is beautiful…and I know what it is like to still have ornaments, but no energy ! However it looks, is the way it should be that year.

    Thanks for sharing.

  13. smiles..your tree looks gorgeous…and cool on the ornaments that collect over the years as well… thanks for allowing us a glimpse into your home…and love how you made the tree talk..

  14. Beautiful tree, Bren. Well decorated too. Smiles. It has indeed lasted well. I am sure by now Chloe is a good helper.

  15. ha. nice…would be interesting to consider the feelings of the tree…being in a box all year and taken out for the holidays…we moved to articial a few years back…we travel too much to family for it to be real anymore…i miss the real one…ha, i know the feeling too when you have done enough for the day…you have a pretty tree….pups seems to be adoring it…smiles.

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