O, Christmas Tree

004Each year they take me apart
lay me in a box
hide the box away under the stairs
forget about me
until it’s ‘that time’
to bring me out again
box, a bit more battered
still smelling sweet from the
pine car freshener they
thought to pin inside
my deepest branches.

They take me out piece by piece
lay me on the floor
in colour coded piles

this bits going here
that bit going there
parts of me growing now
a little worse for wear
I’m still not doing badly
for an artificial tree
and if you don’t believe

take a look at me


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved


We put the tree up today and unpacked some of the stuffed Christmas toys and things. More to do but we. and even poor Tim had, had enough for one day.
The tree has been going now for about 15 years. Each year Chloe has gone from adding one unbreakable ornament as a toddler to now helping put the whole thing up, which usually takes us hours…lol

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Moon Dancer

moondancerShe dances in the moonlight under starry skies
to the rhythmic beat of distant drums.
The same ones she’s heard throughout her life
The drums she holds so dear.

She has blood of the ancients
coursing through her veins….
(crimson river of life)
whose force runs deep and pure
and is the very essence
….the core of her being.

Here in the moonlight
the ancients and she are
dancing spirits around
the camp fires of her
heart and soul
forever wild.

She leaves the broken arrows
of their past behind
and treads
moccasin-ed feet light upon
Mother Earth as she dances
out the beat, knowing thunder
in her heart from their hooves
as those White horses’
she loves so much
suddenly appear from out of
her moonlit trance.

Her hair is taken by the breeze
soft white feathers tease
her cheek
and she smiles as they
race on past without a
care for harness’s nor any
other human wear.

She knows inner peace
and calm
(meditation almost)
as she dances
focused on the harmony
of Earths pure energy.

She is dancing in the dark
in the glow of night
with the spirits of
the ancient ones to
keep her company

She is a beautiful
Moon Dancer
her soul forever



© Daydreamertoo  *All rights reserved

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