A World of Peace

resized_wirhj4She lays there numb
feelings as jagged as cutting winds.
How long has it been since
she felt, anything…
…she doesn’t know or care.

Snow flakes touch her hair
her lashes
kiss her nose, her lips.

She’s fallen from the highest point
to the lowest of the low
and if she ever had a song in her heart
it no longer remembers its tune.

The essence of joy forgotten
on streets without a name
each sidewalk she trekked in the end
didn’t matter, they all look the same.

Completely unaware she’s given up
surrendered all that she is to
the cosmic love
her un-uttered prayer is heard
across silent airwaves
and soon a tower of strength
will arrive
ignoring all the track marks
and the scars of life
not caring at all that she is
damaged goods
for, she is beauty unveiled
asleep now beneath the moon
in a world of peace.


© Daydreamertoo     *All rights reserved

* Ella asked us to write something along the lines of Charles Dickens ‘A Christmas Carol’ but to end it on a happy note. Well, not everyone has a Happy Christmas and, I wanted to show how the homeless don’t find it such a wonderful time. But, I did end this happy (I think) because the girl found a happy release from her suffering.

The image is from Google images. The sad thing is, there are thousands of them.

Shared with Poets United Wonder Wednesday #12 Scrooge