Heavy Rain

raincarNo powder blue sky to grace
my eyes today, only black or grey.

Rain hits the screen, relentless
mixing with mud and debris from
other’s used up spray.

Wipers clear the view
only for a moment or two.
Stuck behind snails driving blind
is not where I want to be.

My brother always said:
‘Your safest place is in the
fast lane Bren because so many
don’t care to be there, there’s
far less to contend with
always loving the freedom of speed
I dare, Oh yes I dare.

Out there in the fast lane
now… only the constant clean rain
hits the screen
Don’t need to see where I’ve been
and can now see where I’m going too

Sky still black and grey
some days are just dismal
and even the sun refuses to
rise and shine.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

*Had to drive half way across the island yesterday in pretty heavy rain, I never used to be daring enough to over take traffic and such until my brother told me that most accidents tend to happen in the slower lanes because people are so cautious and tend to make more mistakes.  He said that because a lot won’t risk driving at high speeds the fast lanes are usually a lot less used and therefore tend to be safer than the slower ones. I never thought he was right until I moved here and began driving again.  Now, I cannot be behind slow traffic, if I am for too long, I lose focus, so as soon as it’s safe to do it, I overtake, get into the fast lane and… stay there if I can. I love driving, especially on an open road ahead of me.
P.S. Do not worry, I DO drive with care.

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