All you need is Love

ALL YOU NEED IS LOVESensing every sadness
as do fingers know the cold
but, warm in my sanctuary
music sweeps me far away
into acoustic waves, aware
the past must lay in corners
collecting as dust of all
the ages.

I imagine the sun’s warmth on skin
remembering the magic
a loving touch can bring.

The stars shine bright
some even wink an eye
across the river of night’s gentle flow
as the heaven’s share
their tranquility with this
present world of warring warriors.

Sometimes it’s fine to reminisce.
To look back once in a while
before we completely turn the page.

I miss the swinging 60’s and
the fight for peace was a
peacefully chanted rage of
‘make love not war’
and when the Beatles sang
‘All you need is love,
love is all you need’

but then, I remember it
with sadness
because…. even now
we still don’t
‘Get it’


© Daydreamertoo               *All rights reserved


*No, I don’t wish I was back in the 60’s. Quite happy where I am in life…:)

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