I Believe I Can Fly

In that half awake
half in dreams realm
where everything is real
(or so it seems)
a child wanders
here, there and, everywhere

There are no borders
no walls or fences to divide
to keep people in or, to
keep people out

Everyone is happy
for the monsters who live
under the bed
hide behind curtains
or, who peep through the windows
because well…
that’s what monsters do
They arrive at night
to frighten you.

In that hazy fog of half-remembered
I could swear in all the yearning
(substitute that for dreams)
knowing for certain if I swing
my arms round and around
in circles at my sides
for long enough and, run as fast
as I possibly could

slowly, I would begin
to lift at first
then, to float

finally, to leave the ground behind
and as long as my arms
kept moving

I could fly.
Oh yes, I could fly

Here, there, and everywhere
in a peaceful sky.


© Daydreamertoo        *All rights reserve

*Used to dream frequently as a child that I could fly.

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