Prepared for Anything

Rain pitter patter, sploshes
a drop of thought here
splash of thought there
memory jogged
(sometimes I miss them)
the ones I’ve always called
‘The gentle rains of England’

especially now, as we prepare
to enter winter with its many
snow squalls
sub zero temps and
bitter nor’easter’s
(shovels always near)
Oh yes, we prepare.

I mentally prepare to disassemble
something of great value
acutely aware that
(if it goes wrong)
there will be a high price to pay
for the learning
but, I won’t learn
if I don’t try.

A child I raise now wanting
to date
I prepare to share her
joys, happiness, heartaches, tears


here I am again
back in the present,
listening to the rain
preparing for the snow.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved


*I’m trying to decide whether to take my iPhone 4s apart so that I can teach myself how to put a new screen on it and then can do it for other people, for a fee. Not an easy decision to make when you know it’s worth over $400 if you mess it up but .. ..the only way to learn is… to do.
It’s how I learned everything I know about repairing & programming computers.
So, I’m trying to mentally prepare myself for the task, I truly love taking things apart but, have to know I can put them back together again and still be working….LOL
I took that picture of the iPhone a short while ago to show the weather here today…rain and, tomorrow the temps drop and we get our first snow of the year, dropping 10 degrees by Monday and more snow. (Yuck)

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Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

21 thoughts on “Prepared for Anything”

  1. This is the best poem ever! It captures how we ride the crest of the present wave with plans and memories in our head but also in other parts of us that are latently prepared for anything. O to also foresee and heal all at once, but we live in the moment too, on the crest. Perhaps surfing high or under the curl of the wave–when it doesn’t feel anxious–is the greatest joy. What surfers we are.

  2. It’s like that, isn’t it, and yet…when she is off on her own, it will be yet something else to prepare for. I long for California sun even after living her most of my life. I connect with you on the weather but now, I’m waiting to see how my grandchildren will fare. LOL

  3. I don’t dabble in the electronic disembodying… but I do like to use my hands. I think I would have very much liked to work in wood or cabinet making. So I just dabble in clay and yarn. I did actually take apart one of my grandson’s toys that had a loose ball baring, and was able to put it together too. Good luck. I wish we were neighbors so you could help me with my computer questions! 🙂

  4. What did happen to the gentle rain of England? I admire your technical
    know how. Swimming here yesterday. I would love to have a white Christmas…just for 24 hours mind you!

  5. really like how you showed reality and how preparation plays a large role in it. Particularly the preparedness for the child, and what will next come, really touching bit, and then, I love how you tied in reflections from past experience early, the rains. and Oh, I don’t even want to think of snow yet, although, my car was dusted in it this morning, I have this love/hate thing with snow, love it when I don’t ever have to go out in it, as it’s beautiful to stare out your window at, but hate it when I have to trudge through it. Nicely done. Excellent piece. Thanks

  6. Almost you convince me… except why do you want a new screen? All these upgrades all the time? You’re right, though, it’s only a bit of metal… what the hell… improving you is more to the point than spoiling it.. Go right ahead, I’ll keep my fingers crossed on your behalf!

  7. what i like here much in your example with the iphone is that you show us that there’s always a risk in learning…we could mess it up and that may hinder us to do it…yet it’s the only way to learn…ugh..not an easy decision…

  8. Very sweet — good luck with your daughter (I will face the same some day – insh’allah). And good luck with the phone. Post again to tell us your success!

  9. I certainly hope a kind neighbor takes care of shoveling the snow for you, kiddo. I share your concern about the bumpy road ahead as Chloe makes her way beyond the reach of your protection – such a scary passage (for us moms!) As for taking apart an iphone? you are so brave. I cant even figure out how to USE one!!!!!!!

  10. Getting it apart is usually the easy thing, good luck putting it back together, if a piece or two is leftover and it works, oh well haha

  11. Bren–my sympathies about the dating thing (I have a year at most before that comes up, eek!). Be safe preparing for that weather too…

    Everything here was said so beautifully and tenderly, loved the poem.

  12. Ugh… glad I don’t have winter’s like that… I can so relate to the dating thing. It definitely puts one in the moment. Good luck with the iPhone.

  13. We have the hint of the first snow…just light yet, nothing heavy. It’s been a good autumn so far ~ I don’t look at weather nowadays, but expecting it to be colder and colder ~ Stay warm Bren and take care ~

  14. oy, even thinking about my kids dating at this point is scary….almost as much as disecting and iphone…sheesh…thta would get my blood pumping…haha….but def thinking toward winter….def best to be prepared there…

  15. Wow, I wish you luck on taking that iPhone apart, Bren. I am one who hates to take things apart. Am always worried I will not be able to get the thing back together again. Preparing mentally to have a child date is another matter…yikes, they grow up way too soon! Preparing for winter I can identify with. May it be a mild one for all of us.

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