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“The guy down the road from us is really weird.”


“He’s sitting in his boat staring at me as I walk by. Perv!”

“It’s a dummy.”

“No… it’s him!”

“Have a closer look, silly.”

“I think he may be dead. I’m not going near there!”

Next day.

“You were right…it is a dummy. Duhhh.”


When she was younger, our neighbour down the road from us once had a small row boat in his front yard. The pic isn’t the actual boat but, I used it to show what I mean. His yard was quite large and the boat was some way back from the road. As I drove up it, from a distance, I thought he was sitting in it wearing a bright yellow plastic raincoat with the hood up. Slowed down to see it was a very realistic seated mannequin.
Chloe saw it when she came home from school. But as usual, she was always in such a rush, she raced by and was so freaked out thinking it was the neighbour watching her. She actually asked me if I thought he was dead. LOL I convinced her next time she passed to take a better look.
She came home soooooo sheepish the next day…..LOL

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