The Perfect Hope

In this world of present chaos
nothing is certain anymore
…not even tomorrow.
We move in forward motion
increasingly more
to war, war, war.

Our vision is unclear
because there are no sane answers
to all the ‘whys’

Women and children run for their lives
on both sides of the great divide
while young men learn only to
hate and if that hatred isn’t strong enough
toughen up and learn some more.

It seems there are no peaceful means
to end this conflict which has raged
for nearly two millennia

and yet,

deep love of fellow man
will never give me leave
to let go nor stop believing
the perfect hope.


© Daydreamertoo        *All rights reserved

Moslems and Christians and Jews raising their hands to the sky their chanting voice in unison begin to arrive how happy is the one
whose heart’s ear hears that special voice as it begins to arrive.

~ Rumi

*The poem is grim because my heart is weeping for the insanity of it all. There is nothing about this that is right. I Googled images of Gazza and the images of children are just ….slaughter.
I don’t care what anyone’s faith is…no God of mine would ever wish to see all this crap no matter what faith we believe in.
Sometimes hard to believe we are all the same species.
Still, I have hope and have to believe one day we will see sense.

They are talking of a ceasefire….Hope springs eternal.

Shared with Three word Wednesday CCC1V Motion, peaceful, Vision
Poetry Jam Best Sellers. I Chose the Nora Roberts title ‘The Perfect Hope’ as my piece

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

23 thoughts on “The Perfect Hope”

  1. Hope means sustenance. But, the more we want peace in the world, there are selfish people who are born to destruct it. Sad state of the world today.

  2. So much of what is happening in our world is gut-wrenching to see, to read about. Wishing you peace, for today … every day.

  3. Hope can be a hard thing to muster with the more destruction an despair that comes along, but it is a powerful weapon; if you can’t picture all the potential in this world how can you achieve it.

    lovely verse!

  4. this is not about religion anymore but ego, greed, power… That land was given by God to the Jews but tough to prove nowadays. These cousins, the jews and moslems have been figthing since biblical times, since infancy actually. It will not stop according to prophecy. It is what it is. I don’t like the pictures on either side…it is sad.

  5. i’m afraid i’m having a difficult time holding onto hope any longer.

    wonderfully written!
    thank you for participating at Poetry Jam, Bren!

  6. Lovely, lovely…. indeed. With hope comes our ability ot visualise the future, a future which we wish to create.That in itself is a great start.How can we lose this hope and the quiet it creates inside to a chaotic outside?


  7. I too maintain that perfect hope despite all evidence that war is inevitable. Sometimes hope is all we have.

  8. yes! this turmoil is insane. but no one can do anything until the people
    involved decide not to hate or seek revenge.

  9. Brenda, I feel your pain, it is the same conversation I had with my husband this morning. Too much fighting, too much hatred and it just seems endless–however, there is hope, just like the photo of the two boys (beautiful). There are people trying to grow peace. Great poem and perfect end. 🙂

  10. I’m at a loss for words…please know you are not alone in your thoughts and feelings….it is as Brian says, a crazy time to be alive.
    Peace and love,

  11. Hope shouldn’t die … there are so many war waging around us, but we remain hopeful that some day the world will become a peaceful place where we can dwell in unity !!!

  12. Yeah a fecked up situation indeed, using any god to claim such stuff is moronic, don’t know how someone can be so blind.

  13. The Perfect Hope is such a powerful thought..I wonder if there will ever be a time of no you say it never seems to have not been a part of our world..onedayoneday..jae

  14. Bren, you have expressed my feelings exactly. I love humanity too, and cant understand why each side cant grasp that people simply need a place to live, in peace, believing whatever they believe. Powerful writing. I too have to have hope, but some days it is harder to hold onto it:)

  15. I am very saddened by the conflict as well. Why can they not co-exist side by side and just agree to disagree but without killing one another. I am not very hopeful there ever will be a permanent resolution to this though. I can wish though and hope for people’s change of heart.

  16. I liked this poem very much – and you’re not alone trying to understand all the inherent contradictions in this. Hope has to be perfect as it has so much going against it.

  17. smiles…i hope you never lose that hope…and i agree…this is our free will and there is no higher power to blame to assuage our guilt…we live in crazy times….times that need the light of that hope…

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