Three Sheets to the Wind

Antigones Vow © Mobius Faitha

He had it all, rode so high
upon crest’s in the sea if life

Wife, kids, home, car
and, a job he hated.

a bottle took him to bed
or, wherever it was that
he fell.

Oh, yes, he fell
and kept on falling.

Time passed
that steady stream of full
and empty bottles became
his only friend

Lost his wife
kids, home and car

now, even
Shank’s pony will not
take him far
when he’s always
three sheets to the wind.


© Daydreamertoo      *All rights Reserved

As soon as I saw this photograph it reminded me of the expression; ‘three sheets to the wind’

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Shared with dVerse Poets Poetics: The photography of fellow blogger Tery S Amtutz

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

31 thoughts on “Three Sheets to the Wind”

  1. Three sheets to the wind is actually a sailing term. ..ropes securing the sails to stop them flapping about in the wind. Alcoholism is a very serious social disease that effects far too many families. It runs in families as Brian says.

  2. What a beautiful but painful poem. It brough back memories of my last days in Havana before relocating to the UK fifteen years ago. I was born and raised in flay that was located across from a bar. A famous bar it was, frequented by musicians and artists. Over the years the clientele changed and one day I spotted a friend of mine, from my childhood years, queing up at 8:30am. When I was last in Cuba he wasnt even a shadow of the boy with whom I had once played in the nearby park. He was a wreck. Many thanks for such a marvellous piece of writing. I love your style.

    Greetings from London.

  3. I love that the picture reminded you of that saying and it took you in a very interesting direction. I love it!

  4. Naval images, a ship that is going down for one who just will not trim the sails. This is a finely coded writing and I like it a lot. (I picked the same picture, but I am not proud of mine, as I wrote it as an exercise–which doesn’t mean it is not true, just that there was so much more I could do.)

  5. I’d like to go, HA, in reference to your cleverness, but the bottle is a sad state for any person and families the use of them causes. I am impressed you were able to draw this from the photo. Very creative eye.

  6. Oh superb. I just saw this prompt as I work until late and wondered what the hell to make of it and how long I had to do it. Don’t know whether I shall make it… but well done for yours! 🙂

  7. I’ve heard that expression…and lived with a father who was often “three sheets to the wind”…poor guy. It’s not a pretty picture you paint…alcoholism is so ugly.

  8. Succinct and expressive. You manage to make the story somehow new here even though you acknowledge that it’s an old tale too. k .

  9. “upon crest’s in the sea if life” – “three sheets to the wind.” wow, that says it all – and love that the picture inspired this poem … a great delivery.

  10. Yes, the bottle definitely can make a person ‘three sheets to the wind.’ Very sad when that happens.

  11. Sometimes that’s what it takes for someone to get help… so sad. Great piece!

  12. oh i so know what you’re talking about…my father used to drink…and it’s a spiral downward that gets out of control..nothing to hold on to…not able to give hold…

  13. the bottle has taken a many…robbing them, robbing their families…so much danger in kissing those lips…and it becomes a generational burden….creative take on the pic bren…

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