Thoughts are Things

View of the harbour bridge (where we used to live)

Perhaps last night, it was of you I dreamed
caught in that never-ending stream
the swift uplifting rush
beautiful creature that you are
no-one could have framed your
fearful symmetry better
than his words paint

I would weep for such
perfection used for rugs or,
to hang lifeless upon a trophy wall
certain, it was not what
the immortal’s hand had planned
for you at all.

mindful of this
new day we’re in
I close my own coat to deny
the chill winds which claimed
poor Annabel Lee.
Always pondering
pondering still,
why the night has a thousand eyes
whilst the heart has only one
with which to see.

Ah but life,
yes life
how do I love thee? now that I
understand what it means
to love,
I love you so much more.

Walking on the autumn leaves
in this, the autumn of my life
grey skies insist upon intruding
with their sighs bought through the
coldest winds as yet
but the dog and I ignore
those icy calls to shiver
preferring instead to quicken
our pace

joyful, joyful, joyful
for we have the chance to be
out and about
and share this precious bond
for another day.


*Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

Yesterday we had a prompt at Poetry Jam to write about anything about the circus.  I guess it spilled over into my dreams. I love the incredible perfection of tigers and hate to see them (or any other animals)  ill-used. Have never read too many old poets or poetry, just snippets of it here and there over the years but, always loved the Tiger Tiger poem by William Blake.

*The words in italics the order which they appear are from these poem and/or, poets:
1. Do not stand at my grave and weep Mary Elizabeth Frye
2. Tyger Tyger William Blake
3. Annabel Lee Edgar Allen Poe
4. The night has a thousand eyes Francis William Bourdillon
5. How do I love thee? Elizabeth Barrett Browning
6. The Autumn Elizabeth Barrett Browning
7. A dog has died Pablo Nerdua  (hopefully not mine for a good few years yet)

Shared with dVerse Poets Meeting the Bar: Literary Allusion

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

29 thoughts on “Thoughts are Things”

  1. i agree with Sherry ~ “why the night has a thousand eyes
    whilst the heart has only one with which to see” is stunningly brilliant! i love this, Bren!

  2. Thank you,DayDreamerToo, for your poem & their poems, too.
    In re: human beings’ never-ending mistreatment of the animals, as well as their own kind, Wm. Blake sums it up in this one couplet,
    “A robin redbreast in a cage
    Puts all of heaven in a rage”

  3. I enjoyed this!
    “it was not what
    the immortal’s hand had planned
    for you at all.”
    These are my favorite lines. Thanks for sharing.

  4. love the peacefulness of this…stitched together with such different images and it makes such perfect sense…need to check out that Tiger Tiger poem by William Blake as well..

  5. You have woven your chosen threads into an impressive tapestry — that’s a compliment, by the way, not a reference to your rugs hanging lifeless on a trophy wall! fine poem.

  6. Really interesting segues between the different poets here – I don’t usually think of Blake and rugs but you are exactly right! It is a real travesty. And moving on to through different favorites to joy is very personal and unique. k.

  7. Beautifully woven from some wonderful sources. I think Tyger Tyger was the first poem I memorized as a child, that or the one at the beginning of Alice and Wonderland.

  8. Cleverly done, Bren! You’ve brilliantly blended all the famous author’s phases into your poem and made them flow smoothly. Great write and love them!


  9. Amazing that you can combine so many different lines from different poets into such a beautiful piece!

  10. I like it all, but that next-to-last stanza is just wonderful. Nice choice of allusions as well!

  11. but the dog and I ignore
    those icy calls to shiver
    preferring instead to quicken
    our pace

    So full of life, this vibrant poem! Well done.

  12. A very ‘joyful, joyful, joyful’ poem. Wonderfully crafted. I loved the way you worked the poets’ words into your own poem. (I used a similar approach, but with the words of only one poet.) The last stanza is definitely my favorite!

  13. smiles…i could pic several out…and you stitched them together so nicely bren and at the same time kept much your own voice as well…tigers are beautiful creatures….to see one int he wild would certainly fill me with awe….

  14. The Tiger Tiger poem is a could one and great rift on it after your sun. I won’t ignore the cold though, I will be a hermit, as you and the dog trek through the snow haha

  15. Bren, this is so lyrical. How wonderfully you have merged these wonderful poets into a work that is distinctly your own. It is brilliant work. My favorite line – “why does the night have a thousand eyes when the heart has but one with which to see”. Just brilliant!

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