Piccadilly Circus London

There is an old nursery rhyme which goes”

Pussycat pussycat, where have you been?”
“I’ve been up to London to visit the Queen.”
“Pussycat pussycat, what did you there?”
“I frightened a little mouse under her chair”

Only ninety minutes away
I always wanted to go up to London
and visited as many times as I could.
Always so much to see and to do.

Piccadilly Circus

Another known expression well used:

“It’s like Piccadilly Circus ’round ‘ere”
it’s way too busy with people or, too noisy.
New York may never sleep, but London
doesn’t either
It’s a never ending hive with
dizzying degrees of activity.

Streams of tourists
(including me)
stretch and gather to see famous sights
and touch a little history scattered
all around this ancient town.

Changing of the Guard (in Grey)

I’ve seen the crown jewels
(a regular sparkling spectacular)
the cause of many a scare
when thieves have tried to steal them
Been in the Tower
so many ghosts dwell there
whose innocence or guilt
were never in doubt once
plans were afoot to implicate
for any act of treason

Kensington Palace 1 year after Princess Diana died

Seen the two famous palaces
and, while dressed in their grey
watched the Changing of the guard
at Buckingham Palace
one dreary day.

The British museum
(amazing place)
but felt overwhelmed then by all the grey
such miserable grey buildings
and never thought I’d see another
city quite as grey until
one day I visited Aberdeen

Aberdeen (The Granite City)
Yours truly 🙂

He was not happy to have his picture taken at all. It had been raining and I guess as he’s not supposed to move, he was a bit miffed. He had a sword on his right shoulder, and I wasn’t going to ask…lol …so, I simply stood by the side to show how tall he was.

*The old nursery rhyme comes from 16th century and is a cute tale about Queen Elizabeth 1. Origin of Pussycat nursery rhyme
Piccadilly Circus Piccadilly Circus has been a very famous meeting place for many, many years. It is so busy there, both with traffic and tourists alike.
Aberdeen Is known as the Granite City because of the colour of the grey granite they used in the buildings. Also known as the Grey City/The Silver city

Shared with Three Word Wednesday CCC111 Cause, Implicate, stretch
Poetry Jam Types of Circus. I chose Piccadilly Circus because I’ve been there so many times.
Poets United Wonder Wednesday #9 Shades of Grey

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

28 thoughts on “Piccadilly Circus London”

  1. I love this because of its weave of nursery, history, words of descriptions and snapshots–O–I love the snapshot days–Great one of little you!! There is nothing grey about this poem which it takes us on a grey travelogue to show how colorful England was. I was in London for a week once, and it rained with a grey cold daily. The pictures showed the tale, though I had not noticed, not really.

  2. London is an intoxicating city and can woo different people for varying reasons, it is that complex… but oh so tiring! There are so many London nursery rhymes that can educate and endear you to the city. I am sure the guard is used to tourists but they do have a job to do! Enjoyed the post.

  3. Loved this London poem and the pics. I used to live in Cranley Gardens South Ken .I have been back but it is not the England I knew.I would never live there again but great for a visit.

  4. Hi Brenda!
    Thank you! Never been to England and now I feel like I have 🙂 Excellent poem and wonderful job putting together all those prompts!!

  5. that was a lovely traipse through London. I recognized the nursery rhyme or at least the first line. I imagine the Crown Jewels are quite sparkly.

  6. Daydreamertoo,

    What a lovely view of the shades of London greys. Many views everywhere, especially on a rainy day.
    A great poetic journey!!


  7. I would love to go back to London ~ at least I got a short trip through your poem! When I was there, there was a dry spell, very little rain so very little grey!

  8. It has been close to twenty years since my last visit to jolly ol’ England ~~ high time I returned! Loved this!

  9. Like the others, I love nursery rhymes, too. I relish sharing them with my grandson. This piece, however appeals to me on an even deeper level as it reminds me of my trips to London and all the wonders there. ‘Twas a pleasure to read.

  10. smiles…thanks for the tour bren…i would love to go visit myself….i have yet to make europe….but it is what my heart pines for to travel….cool pics too…

  11. Ah, I do agree London is a grey city, now that you mention it. Truly, I think it is a lot like any big city with so many granite or brick or some other kind of stone buildings. And sidewalks and streets and you have to search a bit for the green. I’ve been there twice and loved it though and would go back again in a heartbeat!

  12. Yes..London does have a magic..a dirty..murky kind of magic..couldn’t live there but good to visit..apparently the keys to the Tower were stolen yesterday..the Beefeaters and ravens should keep it safe though..jae

  13. I so enjoyed tripping around London…….LOVE the color of the grays in Scotland. Wow. I could feel how haunted that old Tower is. It must be full of ghosts.

  14. I love nursery rhymes. and I’ve always wanted to visit the city my hometown is named after. Someday!But until then your poem and pictures brought it alive.

  15. Clever I love how you blended so many shades of grey into this piece! I love your photo. When I went we tried to get them to laugh…no it didn’t work!
    This was fun to read and imagine…. 😀

  16. This might fit w/ Imaginary Gardens, too… thanks for the trip, lucky you.

  17. Wow looks like a grand time, maybe the cat will get to visit one day. I knew that nursery rhyme too. The cat would take the mouse and make it stew. That first pic really does look like a bee hive as well.

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