War and Peace

Anger swirls like sand clouds
across a desert heart
and blood boils under the sun
and skin of betrayal.

Friendships break
lovers part
and pain shoots its arrow
straight into the heart

So angry,
you spit out words
Red hot pokers stoking
the fire’s flames
yet, that same anger itself
is its own destruction.

Lay down your arms
let all that dust settle
let tempers cool
re-think what matters most.
Winning the war at any
and all costs, or
coming to a place of

We are all butterflies
some will end with broken wings
and if peace cannot be reached
then maybe
it’s better to let those
friendships fly away.


© Daydreamertoo                *All rights reserved

I could have chosen to write a poem about war and peace but instead to put a slightly different slant on it, I chose to write one about the war that can occur in love/friendships.
Being ex voluntary regular armed services (Women’s Royal Army Corps in the 70’s) I always pay my respects with gratitude to those fallen in service of their country or, those who still serve. It doesn’t matter if you are a pacifist who doesn’t believe in war, the fact is, without the armed services to protect it, none of us would have the freedom to say, think, or to express our feelings about anything. I’m proud of those who fought and who still fight to protect our freedom and (to me) each and every one of them are real, every day heroes.

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Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

26 thoughts on “War and Peace”

  1. Thank you, Veteran! Your commentary is much appreciated–as is your poem. I know too well the losses when anger takes sense out of relationship. I like how you set up this poem, how the red hot pokers and arms echo each other. You have much wisdom, Friend, in this poem (as always).

  2. How true — How I wish my mother had flown away from my father. Her choice to stay was to her demise and she was a beautiful butterfly long ago.
    Well penned — see you made me remember this! Thanx

  3. I really liked your imagery and you are right that sometimes you just have to let some friendships “fly away”. I never been really lucky with friends, I either jump into a friendship too fast or the person becomes annoyed with me or vice versa.

  4. it’s so important that we are able to find compromises in our friendships…i have seen many a friendship dying because both couldn’t let go and make a step towards the other…sad..

  5. I too want to thank you for your service and say that I agree with your statement that we owe our freedom and sometimes our lives to those who have served. I like where you took the prompt the images and feelings leapt from the screen, wonderful!

  6. From relationships onward it can be difficult coming to terms with people…but I agree, best to pick your battles and make them important rather than trivial pursuits. Seems these days people are more willing to fight.

    I do appreciate all those who serve…thank you, Bren. May someday our need for being armed disappear. A very thought provoking write…good points.

  7. I, too, admire the way you treat this topic – the fire of the beginning, the wise counsel to let the dust settle……..and most especially I love the last stanza. “We are all butterflies”………you are wise, kiddo. I also like your notes and thoughts on those who serve their countries. And thank you for doing so, too, in the UK, Bren.

  8. Loved the two halves of this poem…the anger and fire of the first , compared with the butterflies, calm, and reconciliation of the second. The world needs the second part, but then again, it always has done, and im not sure what’s taking so long. Very cool poem

  9. Would be a much different place, if not for those who took such an embrace. And yeah such struggles can come between two people as well, causing some personal hell.

  10. I can relate to letting tempers cool and settling the dust in relationships ~ I think one party should compromise and give in, if not the stalemate can end the relationship ~

    Happy Remembrance Day Bren ~

  11. Well said. Wonderful imagery in this. So true…laying down arms or parting ways may be for the better…instead of poking those red hot flames of anger. And I echo your comments about those who serve in the armed forces–and thank you for yours as well.

  12. Your words are wise,Bren. In friendships we really need to think what is important…winning the battle or coming to a place of compromise where friendship can still continue and both agree to disagree. Thinking from my personal experience….sometimes the friendship is most important, and sometimes the point is most important. Depends. And I thank you for your service in the UK!.

  13. i love how you managed to ‘wrap up’ the sadness and anger in this poem and turn it to something beautiful and reasonable in the last stanza.
    great work.

  14. you have the voice of reason…so hard to remember as well when we allow our hackles to get up…especially love that last stanza…the butterflies…it brought me back and made me smile…and even with broken wings we can be beautiful…and sadly there are times we have to part, to keep the toxicity levels down…

    and thank you for your service bren…

  15. Yes, it seems sometimes like we are at war on so many levels. I love that last stanza, the butterfly metaphor. It does seem that we need to let go when compromise can’t be achieved.

  16. Those words as red hot pokers can cut deep when fighting… sometimes it is best to fly away.

    Thanks for you service, too!

  17. First – thanks for your service and your remembrances. You are absolutely right about friendships/love. Sometimes one throws out the baby with the bathwater as it were! You know what I mean – loses the relationship over tiresome trivial points. It’s difficult though – you describe that so well. k.

  18. I know where your’re coming from, B …. will understand and respect for ever … but then again … not … because my people died way back then … I don’t know what to think …. really… mmy life would have been different if I had my dad and grandmother there … o, I don’t know … sorry, B … love you an for you did for this great country … Canada … Love you, c.

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