Endless Love

Time is forever, to a child.
They have no concept of finality
…of endings, and so it is
with mother nature.
There is no compromise in
her forward march.

If spring remained where it is
everything would stay in bud
seed would not begin to grow
roses, never bloom.

If summer with her unrelenting heat
were always on the boil
soon, everything would shrivel up
dry and, die.

If autumn didn’t ever shed
its shroud of kaleidoscopic leaves
what then would enrich the ground
from the mulch they bring.
Where would that endless bounty go
and what would become of the life
of trees which were never left to rest
nor sleep the sleep of the just.

If winter made the decision to stay
(especially here where we are)
everything would remain locked up tight
in deep perpetual freeze.
Nothing could stir to grow or flow.

We curse the heat and bugs of summer
hate the cold and ice
yet, endless seasons would bring
about a nightmare all of their own.

As for me,
I simply count my blessings
pleased to see each come
pleased to see them go.


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Three Word Wednesday CCC111 Compromise, Decision, Forward

Author: Daydreamer

I live on a beautiful island in Atlantic Canada.

27 thoughts on “Endless Love”

  1. Seasons make a garden. Love them. Love change. They don’t talk of people in the equitorial regions going ‘troppo’ for nothing.

  2. If spring remained where it is

    I so enjoyed your take on all the seasons in this way. Yes, four seasons is great and each should be embraced.

  3. we only have two seasons here in the desert ~ hot and damn hot! in reality we have the best of all worlds ~ two hours to the mountains, forests and snow; six hours to the ocean. i count my blessings, too.

    thank you for joining in at Poetry Jam, Bren!

  4. “endless seasons would bring
    about a nightmare all of their own” and that is what scares me about being open to the new…nothing good ever comes without a bad, I have enough bad, why want a different kind! lol. Well, that’s what touched me in this one lol

  5. I went through so many emotions while reading this. Really a wonderful Job 😀

  6. beautiful. you express so eloquently the interdependence of each season. and you’re right, while we often long for one to end and another to begin, if we were forever trapped in one we would never survive.

  7. I’m so glad we moved to Wisconsin. I used to live in Puerto Rico where there was endless summer, such a bore to me. I moved back to upstate NY for the weather!

    Love your “shroud of kaleidoscopic leaves,” because it’s exactly that: A shroud, signaling the temporary death of plants except the hardly firs. I also think of that leaf covering as a blanket, as the earth is being put to bed for the winter… Lovely post, and thanks for hanging in with me while I’ve been on vacation! Peace, Amy

  8. Bren, I like your philosophy here. I definitely remember those days when time was forever in those childhood days. As far as seasons, it is good to welcome them as well as at least be ready for them to go and the next season to appear on the horizon.

  9. I often wish a season would hurry and be over or linger a bit longer, but I never want them to stay forever. I would get bored. 🙂

  10. … There is no compromise in her forward march .. great line that sets the stage for your poem.

  11. counting our blessings is a wonderful thing….there are moments we wish would stay but then again what would it affect later….would we really appreciate an endless summer….now i would not mind some snow sticking around for a bit this winter….smiles…

  12. Excellent look at what would be lost if seasons were endless. Thanks for taking on my prompt! I guess the best thing for us is that change is endless.

  13. Brenda, This is absolutely perfect–loved the transitions and then the ending, so important, every day 🙂

  14. And don’t the seasons seem to change more quickly as you get older..changes outside really do shape us..i’ve only spent a little time in places where the weather never seems to change and it does feel a bit one dimensional..monochromatic..’seasons of mists and yellow fruitfulness’..always good..jae

  15. As for me,
    I simply count my blessings
    pleased to see each come
    pleased to see them go.

    Wonderfully done.

  16. So true about the kids view and blah to winter forever staying, that would not be fun at all. I’ll take the heat anyday, but I will complain about it still at my bay haha

    1. There is hidden truth in this poem and what makes it excellent is that you can feel the inevitability of life, very well captured. I like it a lot

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